Tasty Istria

One of the best reasons to visit Istria is the region’s outstanding cuisine.

Written by Rudolf Abraham and Thammy Evans


If you’re led by your stomach then Istria is the region of Croatia you need to visit. What the little Istrian peninsula lacks in size, it more than makes up for in superb eating opportunities and it’s no exaggeration to describe it as one of Europe’s top foodie destinations. Here’s what to look out for:


Pršut, Tinjan, Istria, Croatia by Central Istrian Tourist BoardThinly slicing pršut at Tinjan’s annual pršut festival © Central Istrian Tourist Board

Istria is renowned for its excellent pršut (dry-cured ham, similar to Italian prosciutto), especially that produced around the village of Tinjan.


Fish, Istria, Croatia by Istra PhotonetFrying freshly caught fish for dinner © Istra Photonet

Seafood is very popular, with freshly caught gilthead bream and sea bass jostling for position on the menu with shellfish from the Limski kanal, lobster, mackerel, octopus, ‘black’ risotto with cuttlefish, and fish stew.


Fuži, Istria, Croatia by Looking-Glass CreaturesHomemade fuži, prior to cooking, with their distinct folded shape © Looking-Glass Creatures

Pasta is an important part of Istrian cuisine, with several distinct local homemade varieties, the best-known of which is fuži.

Wild asparagus

Wild asparagus omelette, Lovran, Istria, Croatia by Opatija Riviera PhotonetThe preparation of the giant wild asparagus omelette is a marvel to behold © Opatija Riviera Photonet

Lovran’s two-week Asparagus Festival, held in mid-April during the wild asparagus season, culminates in the preparation of a giant omelette in the town’s main square, made with 30kg of wild asparagus.


Truffle omelette, Buzet, Istria, Croatia by Istria Tourist BoardAdding more truffle to the omelette © Istria Tourist Board

The area around Buzet and the Mirna Valley is renowned for its truffles. To celebrate the opening of the truffle season in September, a giant omelette is also prepared in Buzet, this time from over 2,000 eggs and 10kg of truffles.

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