9 lost cities of the world

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Lockdown in Iran: Meanwhile in Shiraz

Not unlike many others, I have always been fascinated by the Orient.

Lockdown in Iran: Meanwhile in Esfahan

In 2016 I came to Iran for first time, travelling all around the country only by hitchhiking and walking.

Lockdown in Iran: Meanwhile in Yazd

Seeing a foreigner speaking Farsi can be extremely exciting for locals.

Lockdown in Iran: Meanwhile in Tehran

In the time of corona, Iran is one of the most heavily affected countries in the world.

Lockdown in Iran: Meanwhile in Kerman

The first thing that made me think of travelling to Iran was hearing traditional Persian music on the Swiss radio.


Yazd is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in Iran and offers excellent souvenir-shopping opportunities. The town has long been associated with Zoroastrianism, and…


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Once an insignificant village, Tehran has burgeoned into a vast city with a vibrant culture and pleasant parks scattered around. Looking at the sprawl…

Fortresses of the Ismaili Assassins

Explore the impregnable fortresses of the notorious Ismaili Assassins in the dramatic and visually stunning Alamut region. As the Fatimid regime of Egypt and…


Exploring the area around Hamadan reveals a land rich with spectacular scenery and historic sites. The Tomb of Avicenna This 10th-century Muslim scientist, who…