A postcard from the end of the world: exploring St Helena

Photographer Scott Bennett shares his experiences of exploring and photographing this tiny island.

A record-breaking flight for St Helena

A Titan Airways Boeing 757-200 landed at St Helena airport on 31 July.

How well do you know St Helena?

Test your knowledge of this little-known South Atlantic island.

The Peaks National Park

This 1,124 square-mile (2,911km²) area was extended in 2015 from the original Diana’s Peak National Park to incorporate much of the central ridge, including both the George Benjamin and Clifford arboretums, and High Peak. At its heart are the central three peaks: Cuckold’s Point, Mount Actaeon and the highest point on the island, Diana’s Peak,…

A tour of St Helena’s Napoleonic sites

On 15 October 1815, the British warship Northumberland sailed into James Bay with St Helena’s most famous visitor on board: Napoleon Bonaparte. Exiled following his defeat at the hands of the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon and his entourage were weary after weeks cooped up at sea, but their first impressions…

Tristan da Cunha

Remote, difficult to access and with unpredictable weather, Tristan da Cunha wouldn’t appear to top the list of holiday destinations. Yet would-be visitors have many different reasons to make the long journey. For some, the whole point of visiting Tristan is simply because it is so remote. Others come for the natural history: the birdlife,…

Plantation House

The official residence of St Helena’s governors for more than 200 years, Plantation House is a rather splendid Georgian structure which was built for that purpose between 1791 and 1792. The original was built in 1673, but it fell into disrepair and was replaced in 1722. The second house, initially the home of the plantation…

Ascension Island

Nesting turtles, huge seabird colonies and superb walking: Ascension is much more than just a military base. Ascension Island does not fit into any normal geopolitical pattern. It is essentially a multi-national communications and military hub, but from a political point of view it forms part of the British Overseas Territory of St Helena, Ascension…


Enclosed on three sides by forbidding walls of rock some 500ft (150m) high, Jamestown is St Helena’s first – indeed only – port of call. For centuries, ships have dropped anchor in its sheltered bay, their passengers ferried ashore on small boats. But with the airport now operational – and a new wharf being developed…

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