Spotlight on Taiwan

This is the curated collection of the articles that Bradt Guides wrote and published for the ‘Spotlight on Taiwan‘ series which was completed in September 2019.

It features an engaging and varied selection of articles that speak to readers on a number of key travel themes such as outdoors and adventure, culture and religion, and food.

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Five reasons to visit Taiwan

From ornate temples to tranquil islands, Taiwan boasts both cultural and natural treasures.

The best hiking areas in Taiwan

Taiwan's vast range of scenic trails makes it an ideal country for hiking. Here are five of our favourites.

Exploring the great outdoors in Taiwan

Read our best tips on how to make the most of the beautiful natural landscapes and unspoiled wildernesses of Taiwan.

The best temples in Taiwan

From huge decorative complexes to small colourful shrines, check out our guide to the best temples in Taiwan.

Exploring Taiwan’s indigenous communities

Taiwan's indigenous villages offer unique experiences different from the rest of the country.