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From cycling in Shetland to power cuts in Laos, Roam Alone is a celebration of inspiring writers who went it alone and lived to tell the tale. As contributor Hannah Stuart-Leach says ‘The only way I’ve found to combat anxiety is, as self-help gurus so carelessly advise, to feel the fear and do it anyway.’ We suspect she speaks for many of our contributors – and probably a fair few people at home too!  

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Shane at Naqsh-e Rostam, Iran © Shane DallasInterview with Shane Dallas Jan Leeming with Just You's river craft © Jan LeemingInterview with Jan Leeming
Me on an Amazon barge © Hilary BradtHilary Bradt - reluctant solo traveller Friends, Mongolia © Suzy PopeWhen the Ice Melts - Suzy Pope
Victory for Colombia, Colombia © Dom Tulett Manila Jeepney, Philippines © Hannah Stuart-LeachFinding Freedom - Hannah Stuart-Leach
SLJO Group Tour © Just You Tuk tuk in Bangkok, Thailand © Gemma Thompson5 reasons why women should roam alone

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