Zambia Safari Guide

Luangwa Valley . Lower Zambezi . Victoria Falls

by Chris McIntyre and  Susan McIntyre

Zambia safari travel guide. Holiday advice and tourist information, including: detailed assessments of safari lodges, camps and operators; first-hand insights into national parks and other safari sites; and a new colour wildlife guide. Features South Luangwa, Kafue, Lower Zambezi, Victoria Falls, Liuwa Plains, Lake Tanganyika, Lusaka, Livingstone.

Published:  11th Aug 2023
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  7
Number of pages:  496
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About this book

For over 25 years Bradt’s Zambia Safari Guide has been widely acknowledged as the best guidebook to this African country, and it is now the only dedicated guide to Zambia’s world-renowned safari destinations. Combining in-depth reviews of lodges, camps and other accommodation (from a stately home to a contemporary woven treehouse), detailed descriptions of safari locations and operators, extensive practical details, local insights, a brand new 48-page colour wildlife guide and curated coverage of the main access points of Lusaka and Livingstone, this is the ‘must-have’ guidebook to travel planning and exploring the country’s wildlife-rich safari regions.
Lying in the heart of the continent, Zambia is deepest, darkest Africa at its most appealing. Many visitors are drawn initially to the majestic Victoria Falls. Others come for the glory of Zambia’s stellar national parks: the South Luangwa, the Lower Zambezi and Kafue. For seasoned safari goers, Zambia is the home of the walking safari; for adventurous travellers, it is about canoeing past hippos on the Lower Zambezi – or diving into a whole new world of freshwater fish in Lake Tanganyika.
Experienced travel writers Chris and Susie McIntyre – both Africa experts, with Susie having grown up in Zambia – use their decades of safari experience and in-depth knowledge of the Zambian safari scene to provide accurate, honest and upbeat descriptions, anecdotes and advice. To help readers make informed choices, the authors explain where to find top-quality guiding and detail Zambia’s top spots for wildlife and wilderness (including GPS co-ordinates for those who prefer self-drive holidays). They advise on the best walking safaris plus the ‘silent safaris’ available in electric vehicles and boats, and suggest how best to combine different safari experiences into a fulfilling itinerary in a country where nearly one-third of the land area is reserved for wildlife.
Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or Africa addict, an escapist seeking wilderness or a family craving adventure; and whether you prefer a local operator to make your arrangements or independent travel, Bradt’s Zambia Safari Guide is the perfect travel companion.

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About the Author

In 1995 Chris McIntyre ( crossed the Zambezi with trepidation. He left behind him prosperous Zimbabwe, where he had lived for nearly three years. Ahead was the unknown: Zambia. McIntyre had been able to find little about the country’s attractions and expected problems. But backpacking around, he found kindness and friendliness in a great country. He marvelled at the Victoria Falls, ventured into national parks, canoed on the Zambezi and dined under the stars. The result was the first travel guide to Zambia, published by Bradt. Since then, the prolific travel-guide author has often explored Zambia, initially with his backpack, then driving many a 4×4 and occasionally taking to the air – discovering hidden waterfalls, private reserves, the colonial extravagance of Shiwa Ng’andu and superb birding on Liuwa Plain. McIntyre now shares Zambia with his family and, as managing director of the specialist tour operator Expert Africa, sends visitors there too.

Susie McIntyre grew up in Zambia’s Copperbelt and in Saudi Arabia. From wild childhood explorations from Luangwa Valley to Kafue; Victoria Falls to Lake Kariba, via to remote 4×4 driving trips to the country’s Western Provinces and northern reaches, to more decadent fly-in trips across the country’s main safari destinations, she has travelled extensively across Zambia by virtually all means of transport. She has spent the last two decades promoting responsible global travel, both as a PR and marketing consultant specialising in travel and tourism, and as an author and journalist. She is passionate about southern Africa: its people, wildlife and diversity. In Zambia, she been involved in the PR and marketing of independent safari camps in the main national parks, plotted and drafted national-park maps, and assisted her husband and co-author Chris McIntyre with previous editions of Bradt’s Zambia.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 History, Politics and Economy
History , Government and administration,
Chapter 2 People and Culture
Population overview, Ethnic groups, Religion, Education, Festivals
Chapter 3 The Natural Environment
Physical environment, Flora and fauna, Conservation
Chapter 4 Zambia Wildlife Guide
Mammals, Reptiles, Birds
Chapter 5 Planning and Preparation
When to go and highlights, Tourist information, Public holidays, Organising a safari, Red tape, Getting there, What to take, Maps and navigation, Photography and optics, Money and budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Food and drink, Shopping, Communications and media, Cultural guidelines, Travelling positively
Chapter 6 Health and Safety
Health, Safety
Chapter 7 In the Wilds
Driving, Bush camping, Walking in the bush, Canoeing, Minimum impact
Chapter 8 Lusaka
History, Getting there and away, Orientation, Getting around, Where tostay, Where to eat and drink, Entertainment and nightlife, Shopping, Banks and changing money, Communications, Other practicalities, Sport and activities, What to see and do
Chapter 9 Livingstone and the Victoria Falls
History, Geology, Livingstone, What to see and do, Safaris around the Falls area
Chapter 10 Lake Kariba and the Lower Zambezi
Livingstone to Lusaka, Lake Kariba, Lusaka to Chirundu, Lower Zambezi Valley
Chapter 11 The Luangwa Valley
The Great East Road, South Luangwa National Park, North Luangwa National Park, Luambe National Park, Lukusuzi National Park
Chapter 12 Bangweulu Wetlands Area
The Great North Road, Around Mpika, Kasanka National Park, Around Kasanka and Bangweulu, The Bangweulu Wetlands, Isangano National Park
Chapter 13 Northern Zambia
Getting organised, The Great North Road to Mpulungu, Lake Tanganyika and environs, Nsumbu (Sumbu) National Park, The road to Mweru Wantipa and Kaputa, From Mbereshi to Kasama
Chapter 14 The Kafue River Basin
Towns around Kafue National Park, Kafue National Park, Lochinvar and Blue Lagoon national parks
Chapter 15 Western Zambia
Southwestern Zambia, Barotseland, Northwestern Zambia
Appendix 1 Tracks and Signs
Appendix 2 Languages
Appendix 3 Further Information