Your Child Abroad

a Travel Health Guide

by Jane Wilson-Howarth and  Matthew Ellis

Your Child Abroad: A Travel Health Guide – Expert medical advice and holiday tips on everything from a symptoms checklist to first-aid tips and practicalities. Also featuring updated information on anti-malarial drugs, immunisations, pre-departure suggestions, useful on-the-ground contacts and information, first-hand stories and case studies.

Published:  02nd May 2014
Edition:  3
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ISBN: 9781841629759
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ISBN: 9781841628684
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About this book

Your Child Abroad is a down-to-earth guide for anyone travelling overseas with children, whether on a two-week family vacation or a long-stay posting in the developing world. The approach is both reassuring and practical, showing how to deal with situations ranging from the relatively minor to the life-threatening. A check-list of symptoms for common complaints and a range of useful contacts and further sources of information will prove invaluable for parents who are far from on-the-ground medical attention. This new edition provides a thorough update on the latest medical advice, including information on anti-malarial drugs, insect repellents and immunisations as well as case histories to learn from.

Dr Matthew Ellis, co-author, says “The first edition of this book arose out of my search for a concise yet comprehensive health manual for first time parents in faraway places (there wasn’t one), Jane’s travel health expertise and the fact that we were Kathmandu neighbours. Over the decade since the first edition was launched we have observed an expansion in travel health advice but nothing has appeared which attempts to do what this book aims to do….provide concise yet comprehensive health advice for parents away from their usual health service providers”.

About the Author

Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth is a physician who raised three small sons on Rajapur, an island in the middle of the largest tributary of the Ganges so she knows what it is to improvise. She has worked in the area of child-survival in several remote parts of Asia with Save the Children, USAID, Water Aid and other charities. She knows all too well what a guilt-trip parenting can be, and aims to empower families to follow their dreams so that parenthood is inspiring not inhibiting. At present Jane is based in Cambridge where she is a General Practitioner and also medical director of a travel immunisation clinic. She teaches and writes extensively on travel and health. She has published six books so far. Her website includes travel health tips which she also tweets as @longdropdoc.

Dr Matthew Ellis started his family in Kathmandu where he was based running a research programme for Great Ormond Street’s Institute of Child Health. Before this his social anthropology studies at Cambridge University took him to the Peruvian Amazon and during his medical training he spent time in Sudan and Ethiopia. He has worked and published on child health with colleagues in Bangladesh, India and Uganda. He has advised the World Health Organisation on newborn health. He is now a NHS Consultant Community Paediatrician in Bristol and continues to enjoy travelling with (and without) his teenage daughters.