Wild Times

Extraordinary Experiences Connecting with Nature in Britain

by Jini Reddy 

Wild Times Guide – Travel, nature and outdoor information and tips for 26 suggested British experiences connecting to nature in England, Scotland and Wales, including bushcraft, wild pottery, Dark Sky gazing, horse whispering, rewilding and urban birding. Full of ‘how to’ information and ideal for eco-lovers, outdoors enthusiasts and nature novices.

Published:  01st Oct 2016
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  208
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ISBN: 9781784770303
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About this book

A unique title from a highly experienced author showcasing extraordinary experiences connecting with nature around Britain. From barefoot walking to forest skills, foraging to horse whispering, wild pottery to a full moon meander, rewilding to urban birding, prehistoric cookery to permaculture gardening and much more, the book suggests both mainstream and more off-beat pursuits that can be tried on days out, weekends and short breaks. Eco-lovers, outdoors enthusiasts and nature novices alike will find heaps of inspiration and vital ‘how to’ information, as well as DIY tips from wild gurus on how to cultivate a connection with the natural world in meaningful, everyday ways. Full-colour throughout, more than 200 colour photographs provide further inspiration. Each chapter focuses on a particular activity or experience, followed by practical ‘how to get there and do it’ information, including accommodation where relevant, related experiences elsewhere in Britain and tips for recreating a little of the magic back home. All of the experiences showcased are offered by exciting, small, responsible ventures in England, Scotland and Wales, led by passionate, personable and enthusiastic guides and land practitioners.

Winner of the Adele Evans Award for Best Guidebook at the British Guild of Travel Writers Awards 2017.

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About the Author

A decade of sometimes intense journeys into wild places and natural landscapes around the world has seen Jini’s relationship with nature evolve. She is now passionate about forging deeper connections to land, people and place and is keen to champion nurturing ways of being in and with the natural world. She is a fan of solo nature quests, has enjoyed walking barefoot in the snowy Brecon Beacons and exploring wild medicine whilst ambling through Britain’s meadows and hedgerows. She has carved a niche for herself writing about nature-based pursuits as well as eco-travel, sustainability and ethical lifestyles for a wide variety of national newspapers and magazines in the UK among them the Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, National Geographic Traveller, BBC Wildlife and many others.


“A wonderfully quirky and imaginative series of wild encounters, guaranteed to put you back in touch with nature.”
Stephen Moss, naturalist, author and broadcaster

“The inspiring, do-able experiences in this book will fuel your love for Britain’s wilder side, often in pleasingly unexpected ways. Very handy for fans of nature and the wild.”
Alastair Humphreys, adventurer and author

“Amazing places, amazing people, all animated by a love of the natural world, and captured so creatively by Jini Reddy’s powers of empathy and insightful observation.”
Jonathon Porritt

“Inspiring and practical – a rare combination. I can’t wait to venture out and explore!”
Melissa Harrison, nature writer, author and Times Nature Notebook columnist

“So many rare experiences are made accessible in this fantastic book.”
Tristan Gooley, The Natural Navigator and New York Times bestselling author

“Jini Reddy’s soul is in nature and she writes beautifully.”
Fergus Beeley, series producer for BBC’s Planet Earth

“Jini’s passion for the outdoors and her desire to connect on a more meaningful and deeper level shines through every page of the book and it’s an infectious quality.”
Adventure Travel magazine

“….wild experiences brought to life with imagination and insight.”
John Muir Trust

“A delightful book, bringing something new and needed to the world of guide books.”
Toby Sawday, Managing Direct of Sawday’s

Additional Information

Table of Contents

How To Use This Book
01 A Full-Moon Meander
02 The Art of Horse Whispering
03 The Ancient Coastal Paint Palette
04 Rewild a Forest
05 A Barefoot Walk
06 A Weekend Working on the Land
07 Birding in the Urban Jungle
08 Build an Earth Oven
09 The Nature Quest
10 A Walk with Wolves
11 A Colour Walk and Botanical Dyes
12 The Forest Skills Day
13 The Mindful Beach Walk
14 The Bumblebee Safari
15 An Island Escape
16 The ‘No-Dig’ Garden Day
17 Natural Navigation
18 Wild Foods by Sea Kayak
19 A Hawk Walk
20 Wild Medicine
21 Deer Rut at Knepp Wildland Project
22 A Forage and Feast
23 A Slow Paddle in Search of Otters
24 Dark Sky Gazing
25 Prehistoric Outdoor Cookery
26 The Wild Pottery Weekend