Travel Writer’s Way (ebook)

Turn your travels into stories

by Jonathan Lorie 

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The Travel Writer’s Way: Turn Your Travels into Stories – Inspirational and expert advice and tuition on turning your travel experiences into beautifully crafted stories, including interactive exercises, a writing road map and writing skills; how to publish your work as blogs, books or articles; and interviews with today’s finest travel writers.

Published:  20th Mar 2019
Edition:  1

About this book

Whether you want to be the next Bill Bryson, set up a brilliant blog or simply make the best of your travel journal, this book will lead you along the travel writer’s way.

The Travel Writer’s Way takes a ground-breaking approach to the craft of travel writing, with a 12-step programme of ‘creative journeys’ specially tailored to develop your writing skills. Whether you want to write for pleasure or for publication, for friends or for the wider world, you’ll find this book as inspiring as it is useful.

It also contains invaluable advice from a galaxy of the finest travel writers, editors and bloggers, the first guide to gather insights from so many acclaimed experts. Paul Theroux, William Dalrymple, Colin Thubron, Geoff Dyer, Pico Iyer, Levison Wood, Dervla Murphy, Chris Stewart, Sara Wheeler and Simon Calder all share their top tips. Furthermore, there is practical information on establishing your blog, writing your book and submitting your articles to travel editors.

Jonathan Lorie has more than 20 years’ experience as travel writer, travel-magazine editor and travel-writing tutor. His is the ultimate guide for those who want to turn their travels into stories.

– Advice from 40 of the world’s top travel-writing experts
– Practical, 12-step programme to improve your writing
– How to publish and market your work as blogs, books or articles

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About the Author

Jonathan Lorie has been writing travel since 1999, first as the Editor of Traveller magazine, and now for national newspapers and magazines. In 2004 he set up Travellers’ Tales (, Britain’s leading training agency for travel writers and photographers, followed by the Travellers’ Tales Festival, which brings together the world’s greatest travel writers and photographers at the Royal Geographical Society in London. He has judged many travel writing awards, including the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award, the Dolmen Prize, The Stanfords/Bradt new travel writer award and the annual competitions of The Independent, the British Guild of Travel Writers and the New Zealand travel writers’ association. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.


‘The most complete, accessible and inspiring book of its kind’. Colin Thubron

‘Perfect for anyone who seeks to improve their travel writing.’ Writers Forum

‘A unique and completely invaluable guide to the dark arts of travel writing. Highly recommended.’ William Dalrymple

‘A complete guide to the art of travel-writing.’ National Geographic Traveller

Additional Information

Table of Contents

In the Jazz Café


Chapter 1 Take me with you
Chapter 2 Make a friend
Chapter 3 Become the hero

Chapter 4 Tell a story
Chapter 5 Talk to me
Chapter 6 Tell no lies

Chapter 7 Get in the mood
Chapter 8 Get lost
Chapter 9 Get into trouble

Chapter 10 Cross the border
Chapter 11 Stay in love
Chapter 12 Take that leap

Chapter 13 What’s Your Route?
Chapter 14 Writing Blogs
Chapter 15 Writing Articles
Chapter 16 Writing Books
Chapter 17 Professional Practice