Travel Write

Select entries from 20 years of the Bradt travel-writing competition

by Celia Dillow 

Travel Write: select entries from 20 years of the Bradt Travel-writing Competition – Travel literature anthology from new and previously published authors, all entrants or winners of Bradt’s prestigious annual travel-writing competition. Wildlife encounters, soothing reflections and exploits in obscure corners of the world all feature.

Published:  03rd Sep 2021
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  336
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About this book

For over 20 years Bradt Travel Guides has been running an annual travel-writing competition which now attracts hundreds of entrants each year. Thanks to Bradt’s status as the largest remaining independently owned travel publisher in the UK and one of the most respected travel publishing brands in the world, it is uniquely placed to champion good writing, bringing to the written word the same calibre of high expectations that it looks for in the travel experience itself.
Now for the first time, Bradt is delighted to release a select anthology of the best pieces of writing to pass in front of the judges’ eyes over the past 20 years. In keeping with the spirit of the competition, both new and previously published writers are included, young and old, based in countries across the globe and offering a collection of true stories that reflect our endless appetite for travel, adventure and connection. All of these tales paint vivid pictures through the power of their writing – and they do it in under 800 words each (one of the conditions of entry).
Six themed chapters include remarkable places, extraordinary people, encounters with wildlife; real terror; history; and learning and reflection. All in all, 95 stories cover everything from border guard mix-ups, wild animals and dodgy navigation to a day trip to Iceland and being seduced by a goat in a French market.
From soothing, familiar scenes in some of our favourite destinations to unrepeatable and uncomfortable exploits in obscure corners of the world, these stories offer the perfect chance for virtual travel. You might even be inspired for your next trip.
So, sit back, relax and let us tell you our stories.

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About the Author

Celia Dillow entered the Bradt travel-writing competition for six years before winning it in 2019. Her entries were always longlisted and highly commended. She made the shortlist twice, was invited to three prize-giving ceremonies and attended two Bradt travel-writing seminars. She believes that determination to improve your skills and perseverance in the face of rejection are vital for a writer. So, read these stories, enjoy the ride and then get writing!

Additional Information

Table of Contents

By Hilary Bradt
An introduction by Celia Dillow
The Boatman Louise Heal
The Perfection of Improvisation Kate Megeary
A Goatly Encounter Margaret Histed
Breath-taking Bryce Moira Ashley
A Walk in the Desert Jean Ashbury
At the Rialto Liz Sillars
Olbia John Carter
Ruby Eric Baldauf
Northern Lights Kenneth Steven
Land of Fog and Tarmac Jane Gulliford Lowes
Work in the 40s Suzy Pope
Alpine Elixir Susan Gathercole
Wild Garlic Susanna Thornton
The Sky Beneath Angela Barber
Pinnacle Postcard Helen Billiald
Journey to Pachira Carole Hastings
Return to Sorrento Morna Sullivan
The Man I Met Marc Jones
Reflections of Dubai Celia Dillow
Odoroki Amanda Huggins
Evil Eye in Esfahan Sophy Downes
In the Holy City of Sanliurfa Eithne Nightingale
Handshakes Elizabeth Gowing
Nails of Ice Fabian Acker
The Letter Writer Joan Waller
Pondolandan Pioneer Catherine Paver
A Priestly Apparition Katie Parry
Mabrat Yellem Joanna Griffin
A Passage from India Emma Channell
Cigarettes at Sea Liz Vernon
52-Card Pick-up in Laos Joanna Mason
Saved by a Frog Mike Crome
The Standing Train Robyn Jankel
The Street Children of Salvador
da Bahia Sharon Watson
Shoelaces Liz Gooster
Frisbee Diplomacy Gordon Thompson
Tea in the Desert Shirley Jee
Who Are You? Tom Swithenbank
A Generous Solitude Mairi McCurdy
The Tiger’s Tail Dom Tulett
A Wolf in the Mountains Julia Bohanna
Sharing the Sky Paul Alexander
Searching for Mermaids Liz Cleere
Alaskan Adrenaline Grass Lynn Watkins
The Great Escape Grant Hackleton
The Road Angela Moore
A Small World Tom Franklin
Whale Shark Central Henry Wismayer
Summer of Snakes Mhairi Quiroz-Aitken
Snake Temple Sylvie Celyn-Thomas
Dog Days Peter Rimmer
A Wild Night with Borneo’s Old Man Lewis Cooper
The Collection Rachel Robbins
The Coldest Miles Polly Evans
In Deep Snow Cal Flyn
Summer in the Valley Sylvia Dubery
A Pestle and Mortar in Paradise Ella Pawlik
The Disappearing Beach Simon Duncan
Five Get Close to Heaven
(with apologies to Enid Blyton) Peter Hurley
Women Drivers Sally Watts
Eyes Closed, Full Speed Ahead Claire Morsman
The Chase Lauren Hatch
Zama Jack Losh
A Brief Encounter with Altitude
Sickness Matt Dawson
Only in India Deborah Gray
The Taxi Driver Sarah Stewart
Wrestling with Red Tape Steven Tizzard
Nuptials John Wilcox
Tak Jadi Jude Marwa
A Stranger’s Smile Zoe Efstathiou
Closer to Home Kirstin Zhang
The Village Sledge Run Alan Packer
Sun at Peace Liam Hodgkinson
Meeting the Challenge Lucy Clark
Turkmenistan Blues Helen Watson
Vanishing Islands Michelle Wu
Far from Time Catriona Rainsford
Just Visiting Chris Baker
The Joy of Rain Debbie Parrott
An Invitation to Tea Jacki Harris
Red Shoes Gill Sutherland
Now You See Me Cheryl Parry
The Whale Jo Forel
Turkana Sands Pat Warburton
Hope in Pink Meringue Anita King
The Dream of the Desert Agnieszka Herman
Crosses Sara Evans
Rumia – A Love Story Marie Kreft
Girona’s City Walls Gabi Reigh
Yes. No. It’s a Little Difficult Chris Walsh
Through the Blue Hannah Doyle
What Was Left Behind Jane Westlake
Prisoners of Pompeii Sally Stott
Touching History Jenny Scott
585 Bury Road Jennifer Thompson
Prize Trips Celia Dillow