The Dark Skies of Britain & Ireland


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About this book

This travel guide to the best stargazing spots in the UK begins by introducing the idea of astronomy and why it is such an enticing hobby. It then explores the history behind astronomy, the myths and folklore we associate with the stars, a guide to nocturnal wildlife, information on the issues surrounding light pollution, and practical information on how to stargaze safely and enjoyably.

About the Author

Tiffany Francis-Baker is a nature writer and illustrator from the South Downs in Hampshire. She has a Masters degree in English: Issues in Modern Culture from University College London, and in 2019 she was a writer-in-residence for Forestry England’s centenary project, where she wrote and illustrated a poem about the human connection with forests. She has written and illustrated for a number of national publications, including the Guardian, Harper’s Bazaar, Countryfile, BBC Wildlife and Resurgence & Ecologist. She has also appeared on BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4.