Swimming with Dolphins, Tracking Gorillas

How to have the world's best wildlife encounters

by Ian Wood 

Swimming with Dolphins, Tracking Gorillas – Travel information and guide to the the world’s best wildlife encounters including expeditions, guides, tours and sites. Featuring a wildlife calender for planning trips, encounter highlights, safaris, photography tips, advice on operators, suggestions by month and habitat, glossary and what to bring.

Published:  15th Aug 2012
Size:  200 X 240 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  184
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ISBN: 9781841624044
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About this book

Encounters with wildlife are more accessible than ever, with a bewildering array of adventures on offer. This inspiring guide presents a range of ideas, from meeting the world’s iconic wildlife to more unusual encounters, highlighting the best and the most ethical options. With nearly 20 years’ experience travelling the globe, Ian Wood picks his favourite animal hot spots, from tracking mountain gorillas to kayaking with alligators in the Everglades; from being up close with elephants on a walking safari to snorkelling with whale sharks and climbing in search of condors. Pointers on how best to encounter each animal, what to see when and where, and what else you might see along the way, help you plan the journey of a lifetime.

About the Author

This is Ian Wood’s first book. Ian Wood is a writer and photographer who specializes in wildlife, travel and nature. For 18 years he toured the world as half of a comedy act performing in over 40 countries. His spare time was spent in search of wildlife, indulging a passion for rainforests and oceans. His articles and photographs have been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including National GeographicTravel and The Daily Telegraph. In partnership with The Orangutan Foundation he runs photographic tours to Borneo that raise money for conservation efforts.


‘…enthusiastic and comprehensive guide to engaging with animals on their own terms, from catching wildebeest migrations to stalking a tiger.’
Food & Travel magazine

‘If you want to get closer to wildlife, this guide gives the lowdown on how, where and when, from writer and photographer Ian Wood.’
National Geographic Traveller

‘Illustrated with beautiful photography, this inspiring guide shows you how and where to see the world’s iconic wildlife in the most ethical ways possible’
Sussex Life

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Foreword 3
Wildlife calendar 5
Encounter highlights 6
Author/Acknowledgements 8
Introduction 9

Encounters with tigers 10
Tracking mountain & lowland gorillas 16
Tracking chimpanzees 22
Up close with orang-utans 28
Primate communications 34
Inquisitive lemurs 36
Proboscis monkeys from the river 40
Walking in the Costa Rican rainforest 44
Watching grizzly bears catch salmon 46
Eurasian brown bears from a hide 50
Trekking in search of komodo dragons 54
Macaws at a salt lick 58
Getting close to minibeasts 62

Lion encounters on a walking safari 64
Cheetah safari 68
African horseriding safari 72
Tracking leopard by 4×4 74
Elephants on a walking safari 78
The wildebeest migration 84
Tracking African rhino on foot 88

Expedition in snow leopard territory 92
Tracking wolves on foot 96
Seeking out the giant panda 100
Climbing & hiking in search of condors & vultures 106

Polar bear encounters 110
Penguins: kayaking, walking & camping 116

Watching hippos 122
Kayaking with alligators in the Everglades 126
The Pantanal: jaguars & more 130
In search of the elusive shoebill 132

Swimming with wild dolphins 136
Swimming & snorkelling with whales 142
Diving with seals & sea lions 148
Close encounters in the Gal√°pagos 152
Snorkelling on a coral reef 156
Snorkelling & diving with turtles 158
Diving with sharks 162
Snorkelling & diving with whale sharks 166
Diving with manta rays 170
The world of the puffin 174
Picture credits 180
Glossary of scientific names 181
Index 182