by Sophie Ibbotson and  Max Lovell-Hoare

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Sudan Travel Guide – Expert advice and holiday travel tips on everything from Khartoum historical sites and accommodation to Nile cruises and nomadic traditions. This guide also covers safety, visas, political history, Meroë pyramids, Jebel Barkal, whirling dervishes at Hamed al-Nil tomb, Omdurman, Nuba Mountains, Kassala, Suakin and Aba Islands.

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ISBN: 9781841624136

Published:  26th Nov 2012
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  3
Number of pages:  256
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About this book

. The only guide dedicated solely to the new Republic of the Sudan
. Explore entire pyramids and other ancient sites entirely free of tourist crowds
. Drink in views over the Sudanese plains from the granite Taka Mountains
. Dive the reef where Jacques Cousteau conducted his experiment in underwater living
. Experience Sudan’s cultural diversity among the 50 tribes of the Nuba Mountains
. Read advice on where to stay/eat, travelling safely and cultural etiquette

As a staple of bleak news headlines, Sudan has been slow to make its abundant attractions known to the outside world. Few foreigners have heard of the Kingdom of Kush, walked among the isolated pyramids of Meroë or witnessed the whirling dervishes of Omdurman. Yet those who do make it here are invariably enchanted by its easy-going nature, fascinating history and the warm welcome they receive from the Sudanese people.

This, the only stand-alone guide to post-partition Sudan, leads you expertly from the labyrinthine souks of Khartoum to coral-bedecked wrecks off the Red Sea coast. Whether you’re rushing through on the trans-Africa trail or whiling away weeks among rich archaeological sites, this fully revised third edition is your indispensible companion.

About the Author

Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare have worked extensively in Africa and Asia.