South Sudan

by Sophie Lovell-Hoare and  Max Lovell-Hoare

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South Sudan Travel Guide – Advice and expert tips on everything including Juba hotels and highlights, safety and visas to safaris, Bor wrestling and Nile rafting. Also features suggested itineraries, tour operators, history and local culture, Wau, Nimule and Boma National Parks, Dinka cattle camps, the Sudd and White Nile, hiking and walking tours.

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ISBN: 9781841629001

Published:  02nd Oct 2013
Edition:  1

About this book

Separated from the north in 2011, South Sudan is the world’s newest country and has emerged from decades of inaccessibility as a vibrant and diverse destination. Nature lovers are drawn to the region to experience one of the world’s largest wetlands, the many tropical forests and the second-largest wildlife migration on earth. The tribal peoples such as the Dinka, Bari and Zande preserve unique cultures thousands of years in the making.

Authors Sophie Ibbotson and Max Lovell-Hoare provide practical information on getting around this new country where the travelling is rugged but the rewards are immense. This stand-alone guide outlines tour operators, hotels, restaurants, suggested itineraries, and how you can give back to the community. The chapter on Sudanese culture provides in-depth coverage of its languages, people and culture. Divided into geographical regions with photographs and maps, South Sudan enables the intrepid traveller to explore the length and breadth of the country.

About the Author

Sophie and Max Lovell-Hoare have worked extensively in Africa and Asia in the fields of economic development and tourism promotion. They travelled first to Sudan to look at investment promotion in the country, and have conducted viability studies for industries across the country and in the newly independent south. Sophie and Max’s writing and photography has been widely published. Their article, ‘Dead Goat Polo’, was included in the 10 Best Stories of 2009 by travel site Go Nomad, and their 2010/11 photography exhibition at Pushkin House, London was showcased on the BBC website. They have reported on tourism development for the BBC, BBC World Service and BBC Russian.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Background Information 3
Geography and climate 3, History 4, Government and
politics 11, Economy 13, People 15, Language 18,
Religion 19, Education 20, Culture 21

Chapter 2
Natural History 25
Flora 25, Fauna 25, National parks 46

Chapter 3
Practical Information 49
When to visit 49, Highlights 49, Suggested itineraries 50,
Tour operators 51, Red tape 52, Embassies, government
ministries and NGOs 53, Getting there and away 56,
Health 59, Safety 72, What to take 77, Money and
budgeting 77, Getting around 79, Accommodation 84,
Eating and drinking 86, Public holidays 88, Shopping 88,
Photography permits 88, Media 91, Communications 93,
Living in South Sudan 94, Business 96, Cultural etiquette
100, Travelling positively 101

Part Two The Guide
Chapter 4
Juba and Central Equatoria 105
Juba 105, Yei 125

Chapter 5
Eastern Equatoria 129
Nimule 129, Torit 135, Kapoeta 137

Chapter 6
Western Equatoria 141
Mundri 141, Maridi 141, Yambio 142, Southern National
Park 146

Chapter 7
Bahr el Ghazal 147
Wau 147, Raja 151

Chapter 8
Warrap, Unity and Lakes 153
Warrap 153, Unity 154, Lakes 155

Chapter 9
Jonglei 161
Bor 161, Northern Jonglei 165, Boma National Park 165

Chapter 10
Upper Nile 171
Malakal 171, Kodok 175

Chapter 11
Disputed Territories 177
Abyei region 177, Kafia Kingi 179, The Ilemi Triangle 179

appendix 1 language 181
appendix 2 Glossary 184
appendix 3 further information 186