A Practical Guide to the Himalayan Dream

by Michael Buckley 

Shangri-La Travel Guide – Expert holiday tips to discovering the Himalayan dream of paradise including practical advice for the Himalaya, trekking and ancient sites. Also explores the legend behind Shangri-La, featuring Tibet, India, China and Bhutan, Buddhist temples and sanctuaries, suggested walks and treks, spirituality and mythology.

Published:  30th Sep 2008
Edition:  1
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ISBN: 9781784778408
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About this book

Shangri-La is one of the most evocative myths of our time -so powerful that it has entered the dictionary as a synonym for paradise.As myths go, it is a young one: Shangri-La made its debut with the 1933 publication of British author James Hilton’s novel, Lost Horizon. No sooner was Shangri-La created by Hilton than a host of places staked claims to being the real location that inspired the book.

This guide to the mythical site of Shangri-La is rooted in the glorious reality of the Himalaya, encompassing parts of southwest China, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and Ladakh. It forms a concise guide to the most remote areas of the region, with a focus on major mountain peaks, and some well-chosen treks in each area.

Practical information and maps will ensure that visitors can make the most of their trip to this other-worldly destination, while armchair readers can browse and dream…

About the Author

Michael Buckley has travelled widely in the Himalayan region, trekking and mountain-biking in many remote areas. He’s the author of Tibet: the Bradt Travel Guide.


‘This is an esoteric but interesting guide to vast stretches of the Himalayas. While not exhaustive, it comes at places that have been written about ad infinitum from left field. It proves there are always new ways of looking at the same thing.’
Sunday Telegraph

‘The book is a good read which carries lightly its formidable research. The writing style is lucid, indeed rather racy and even colloquial in parts….which means that the considerable detail can be absorbed with ease. It is an extremely well-produced volume with excellent appendices and some wonderful coloured photographs.’
Richard Hughes, The James Hilton Newsletter

Additional Information

Table of Contents

(1) Acknowledgments
(2) Introduction
(3) Chapter 1 Himalayan Utopia
(4) Chapter 2 The Book
(5) Chapter 3 The Quest
(6) Chapter 4 Southwest China
(7) Chapter 5 Tibet
(8) Chapter 6 Bhutan
(9) Chapter 7 Himalayan India
(10) Chapter 8 Wild Cards
(11) Chapter 9 In Another Dimension
(12) Chapter 10 Being There
(13) Appendix 1 Fauna Extraordinary
(14) Appendix 2 Tibetan Language
(15) Appendix 3 Glossary
(16) Index