Scotland from the Rails

by Benedict le Vay 

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Scotland from the Rails Guide – discover Scotland by rail, travel tips on Scottish train travel and what to see from your carriage. Covers the Central Belt, East Coast, Sou’Western, West Highland Line, Skye Railway and Far North Line, plus local history, practical advice, secret railways, branch lines, food and restaurants, hotels and B&Bs.

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ISBN: 9781784777623

Published:  16th Feb 2021
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  208
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About this book

From the author of the acclaimed Britain from the Rails, an entertaining armchair read and practical guide rolled into one. Engaging, eccentric, informative, inspirational and only very occasionally trainspotter-ish, Scotland from the Rails is the perfect guide to some of the most romantic rail journeys not just in Scotland but the world.
Scotland’s rail network boasts the highest mainline summits in Britain; the longest bridge; the longest and boldest spans; the most famous railway bridge of all (the Harry Potter one); as well as some of the friendliest staff and the most lovely – and downright quirky – station buildings, many lovingly maintained or restored. And for icing on the cake, or rather cream on the Cranachan, some utterly charming and fascinating preserved lines, steam centres and luxury excursion trains which cruise through this magnificent land.
From the East Coast to the Great North, the West Highland Line to the Skye Railway, let expert rail enthusiast Ben le Vay be your guide to the best of Scotland’s rail journeys. Perfect for train buffs, Scotland buffs, history buffs and trivia buffs, Scotland from the Rails is also the ideal book for anyone whose idea of heaven is sit back on a train and gaze out of the window.

About the Author

Benedict Le Vay is a national newspaper sub-editor who has worked in four continents but wrote his first book, Eccentric Britain, more or less by accident after collecting oddities about his home country. He says he was ‘staggered’ by the response, which included media attention from the Shetland Times to Gulf Radio and publicity tours in America and New Zealand. He describes himself as a frankly rather ordinary father of two, and is hard-pressed to think of anything eccentric about himself. ‘At a push, I’d say, yes, I’m Honorary Secretary of the Friends of A272, and I’ve asked for my ashes to be blasted from the chimney of my favourite steam locomotive at my funeral. Hasn’t everybody?’


“An absolute joy to read, this detailed and colourful travel-by-rail guide takes you on a host of Scotland’s scenic routes” – West Highland News