Sao Tome

by Kathleen Becker 

Publication Date:  22nd Jul 2014


São Tomé and Príncipe Travel Guide – Advice and expert travel tips including São Tomé highlights, islands and beaches, resorts and hotels, activities such as diving. This guide also covers Príncipe and Banana Beach, arts and culture, hiking, Pico de São Tomé, Bom Bom Island, Ilhéu das Cabras, Praia de Micondó, birdwatching, surfing and sailing.

About this book

Marooned off the coast of Gabon, the volcanic islands of São Tomé & Príncipe are a largely undiscovered, uniquely rewarding and safe destination with an exciting blend of African, Portuguese and Caribbean cultures. Explore secluded beaches and colonial plantation houses; spot endemic rainforest birds and learn about medicinal plants; scale the Pico and dive in toasty waters; taste the world’s best chocolate; watch turtles hatching and get into the laid-back, ‘léve-léve’ Santomean groove. This remains the only dedicated guide to this island paradise.

About the Author

Kathleen Becker is the author of the Marco Polo travel guide to London and two literary guides. A keen linguist and lover of the outdoors, she is especially interested in island destinations.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background Information 3
Geography and climate 3, Natural history and
conservation 4, History 16, Politics and society 22,
Economy 26, People 30, Religion 32, Education 33,
Culture 33
Chapter 2 Practical Information 47
When to visit 47, Highlights and itineraries 47, Tour
operators 49, Red tape 53, Embassies and consulates 54,
Getting there and away 56, Health 62, Safety 74, What
to take 75, Money 76, Budgeting 77, Getting around
78, Accommodation 78, Eating and drinking 79, Public
holidays and opening hours 85, Shopping and services 85,
Activities 88, Arts and entertainment 94, Photography 94,
Media and communications 95, Language 99, Business
100, Buying property 100, Tourism 101, Cultural etiquette
101, Travelling positively 102
Chapter 3 São Tomé: the Capital 109
Highlights 110, Getting there and away 110, Getting
around 110, Tourist information and travel agencies
112, Where to stay 114, Where to eat and drink 118,
Entertainment and nightlife 121, Shopping 123, Other
practicalities 126, What to see and do 131
Chapter 4 The North and Northwest 137
Highlights 137, Getting around 137, Northern beaches
137, Guadalupe town 140, From Guadalupe to Neves 142,
Neves 143, Neves to the end of the road 144
Chapter 5 The Interior 151
Highlights 151, Getting around 151, Madre de Deus 151,
West of Madre de Deus 153, Trindade 155, From Trindade
to Bombaim 156, Towards Bom Sucesso, Monte Café and
Nova Moca 158
Chapter 6 The East and South 163
Highlights 163, Getting around 163, From São Tomé to
São João dos Angolares 163, São João dos Angolares and
around 168, From São João dos Angolares to Porto Alegre
173, Porto Alegre 173, Ilhéu das Rolas 178, Th e Southwest
Chapter 7 Príncipe 187
Highlights 188, History 188, Culture and tradition
188, Getting there and away 189, Getting around 191,
Other practicalities 192, Santo António: the capital 193,
Exploring the rest of Príncipe 199, Activities 204, Bom
Bom Island resort 207
Appendix 1 Wildlife Glossary 210
Appendix 2 Language 219
Appendix 3 Further Information 233
Index 246