Pantanal Wildlife

by James Lowen 

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Pantanal Wildlife Guide – Expert wildlife information covering the Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, wetland habitats and endemics, practical field advice. This guide also includes species classification featuring jaguars, giant otters and anacondas, when and where to visit, photography tips, birdwatching, conservation and natural history.

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ISBN: 9781841623054

Published:  04th Mar 2010
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  176
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About this book

The Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay is South America’s Serengeti: its wetlands are the largest on earth (they’re half the size of France) and, in the dry season, crocodiles and storks jostle to gobble the last of the dying fish. Here, the continent’s largest cat, the jaguar, lives alongside giant otters, anacondas and the
world’s largest parrot. A comprehensive introduction to the best place to watch wildlife in South America, and beautifully illustrated throughout, Bradt’s Pantanal Wildlife is the only portable book to cover all the main wildlife groups while focussing exclusively on the Pantanal.

Bradt’s fully illustrated wildlife guides focus on regions of the world particularly celebrated for their amazing and often unique species. With spectacular photography or exclusive watercolour drawings throughout, each visitors’ guide provides an introduction to the region’s principal flora and fauna alongside suggested wildlife itineraries, practical information on when to go and what to take and photography tips. Written in a deliberately engaging way, they offer something different from dry field guides, and will appeal to the interested layman as much as the wildlife devotee. Ideal as a lightweight companion to any wildlife trip they also make a handsome souvenir.

About the Author

Based in Argentina, James Lowen is a wildlife writer, editor, photographer and lecturer. He is editor of the only magazine to focus on birdwatching in Latin America.


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