Paddling Britain

50 Best Places to Explore by S.U.P, Kayak & Canoe

by Lizzie Carr 

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Paddling Britain Guide – Travel information and expert advice on the best places for stand up paddle boarding in the UK, including top tips, suitable kit, weather and paddling responsibly, as well as wildlife, secret spots, canoeing and kayaking. Includes the 60 best places to paddle, from the West Country to East Anglia, Wales to Scotland.

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ISBN: 9781784771546

Published:  25th Oct 2018
Edition:  1
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About this book

This new, unique guide from Bradt is the definitive guide to stand up paddle boarding across British coastlines and inland waterways. Written by Lizzie Carr, aka Lizzie Outside, Britain’s best known paddle boarder, it reveals the 60 best places to go paddle boarding in Britain, from Devon and Cornwall to Monmouthshire, Norfolk, Cumbria and the Cairngorms. It also provides the full run-down on everything you need to know for successful and enjoyable stand up paddle boarding, from safety tips to kit, weather watching to paddling responsibly. In addition it covers options for canoeing and kayaking.
The waters of England, Wales and Scotland are all featured, from rivers and canals to coastal strips and island circuits. Stand up paddle boarding is sweeping across the Britain, giving people the opportunity to explore some of the most remote and untouched parts of the country that would otherwise be left inaccessible. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, a weekend adventure or a more daring paddle boarding challenge, this book reveals the best spots to stand up paddleboard across Britain. Described in loving detail and with gentle humour, each location contains practical information about how to find these remote spots and what to expect on your journey.
The author, Lizzie Carr, says: ‘this book responds to the countless questions I receive regularly from paddle boarders looking to explore new places and get new experiences from their SUP. Whether people want to take their families for a weekend adventure or enjoy a camping getaway with friends this book – the first SUP guide on the market – aims to answer these questions and inspire people to get outside and explore the UK water scene both coastal and inland.’

About the Author

Lizzie Carr is Britain’s best known paddle boarder. She has travelled the length and breadth of the country exploring Britain’s inland waterways and coastlines from her paddle board, bringing you the very best of what’s out there.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Practical Information – Paddling safely – top tips – Suitable kit list – the essentials and the extras – Weather – best place for forecasts
Paddling responsibly – litter picking and plastic patrol

How to use this book
Designed for competent paddlers looking to take on bigger adventures on their paddle boards and explore the UK. The book is a starting point for potentially longer expedition routes, training for endurance SUP and just spending more time outside.

What you can expect from this book
Perfect places to paddle by SUP, canoe or kayak around the UK
Rivers, islands, canals, lakes, seas – approx. 10 locations for each
Wildlife hotspots
Best times of year for flora/fauna/wildlife
Secret spots – a deserted cave, an ice cream parlour or a hidden book on a bench for people to read
Breakdown of difficulty/distance and predicted time depending on how long you have

PART 2 THE GUIDE The 60 best places to paddle around Britain.

Index of SUP clubs near locations listed around the country
Further Information