Northern Lights

by Polly Evans 

Publication Date:  05th Sep 2017


Northern Lights Travel Guide – Holiday and travel advice about where and when to see the aurora borealis, covering Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Alaska. Also includes photographing the Northern Lights, what to wear, forecasting Northern Lights, the science of the aurora, and tour operators offering Northern Lights packages.

About this book

An updated third edition of Bradt’s practical guide to the best places to view the Northern Lights, the only guidebook that caters to the large number of people whose dream is to see the aurora borealis. Included is information on everything from how to photograph the aurora to what to wear, and how to understand northern lights forecasting, as well as the science behind the aurora and the auroral oval. Also detailed are the best locations from which the aurora can be viewed, covering, in Europe, Scandinavia, Lapland, Iceland and Greenland, and in North America, Canada and Alaska. In addition, the guide provides information on tour operators offering northern lights packages.
New for this third edition is coverage of Ivalo / Inari (Nellim & Muotka) and Iso Syöte in Finland; in Sweden both the permanent and seasonal ice hotels, as well as Kiruna Town Hall; in Canada Blachford Lake; and in Iceland new accommodation options.
The Northern Lights are one of the major tourist draws of the Arctic and sub-Arctic winter and the world’s most spectacular natural phenomena, arguably the greatest light show you’ll ever see.
Polly Evans is an award-winning journalist and writer. She is the author of Bradt’s Yukon, as well as five narrative travel books, including Mad Dogs and an Englishwoman, in which she tells of learning to drive sled dogs in northern Canada. When not on the road, Polly works as a teacher at Wellington College in England.

About the Author

Polly Evans is an award-winning journalist and author, specialising in travel to the Arctic and sub-Arctic. Her first experience of travelling in the far north came when she spent three months in Canada’s Yukon researching a narrative travel book about learning to drive sled dogs, Mad Dogs and an Englishwoman. During that trip, she saw the Northern Lights many times and noticed the ephemeral magic they evoked even in the hearts of hardened northerners. It was on a trip to Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories, however, that Polly saw the display that made her understand why this phenomenon has for so long been sought by so many. ‘It lasted only 10 or 15 minutes, but was perhaps the most intense experience of beauty that I have ever known,’ she says. In writing Bradt’s Northern Lights, Polly greatly enjoyed discovering the scientific facts and historical stories behind the aurora, as well as sharing her own practical knowledge of travel in northern lands.


‘Northern Lights is a handy practical guide.’-The Daily Telegraph

‘Bradt has published the first-ever Northern Lights travel guide, which answers those how, what, where and when questions posed by travellers in search of the dazzling atmospheric phenomenon.’-TNT Magazine

‘Northern Lights gives some good advice on the best countries and destinations from which to view the aurora borealis and there are good tips on what you should wear.’-Sky at Night

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 What Are the Northern Lights
Chapter 2 Where to See the Northern
Chapter 3 Practical Information
Chapter 4 Beyond the Northern Lights
Chapter 5 The Northern Lights in History

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