by Richard Arghiris 

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ISBN: 9781911082651

Published:  23rd Jul 2019
Size:  115 X 178 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  336

About this book

Nicaragua is a land born out of poetry, fire and brazen revolutionary spirit. Few countries can boast such an authentic character. The 1979 Sandinista Revolution continues to inspire great national pride and endless passionate discourse. Fortunately, Nicaragua is today at lasting peace and very much on its way up. A rugged spine of more than 50 volcanoes punctuates the landscape, whilst it is also home to rainforests, cloud forests and wetlands as well as dazzling beaches and coral reefs. Whilst this emerging destination is attracting more and more visitors, tourism development remains patchy, which makes Footprint’s 7th edition handbook an essential companion for any traveller making their way through this intense, diverse and rewarding country.
* Great coverage of sights and activities from the romantic city of Granada to the enchanting Isla Ometepe
* Loaded with information and suggestions on how to get off the beaten track, from the wilderness of Bosawas Biosphere Reserve to witnessing turtle migration in the cays
* Includes comprehensive information on everything from transport and practicalities to history, culture & landscape
* Plus all the usual accommodation, eating and drinking listings for every budget
* Full-colour planning section to inspire you and help you find the best experiences From the energy & dramatic setting of Managua to the verdant hills surrounding the coffee fincas.
Footprint’s fully updated 7th edition will help you navigate this gripping, intense and poetic country.

About the Author

Richard Arghiris is a freelance writer, journalist, blogger, and long-term traveler. He has been wandering the highways and unpaved back roads of Central America since 2003, contributing to a range of Footprint titles and a host of websites, magazines and newspapers, including The Independent, The Observer, Perceptive Travel and Intercontinental Cry. His blog,, features news reports, narrative journalism and street photography from the sketchy US-Mexico border to the teeming rainforests of Panama.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1) Planning your trip
2) Managua & around
3) Masaya & Los Pueblos
4) Granada & around
5) River Isthmus & Ometepe Island
6) Rio San Juan
7) Leon & El Occidente
8) Northern Highlands
9) Caribbean Coast & Islands
10) Practicalities
11) Background
12) Footnotes