Madagascar Wildlife

by Daniel Austin and  Nick Garbutt

Publication Date:  12th Nov 2014


Madagascar Wildlife Guide – Expert information and travel advice featuring the wildlife of Madagascar, practical field tips, endemic flora and fauna, conservation. Also covering natural history, Malagasy culture, activities, species classification including lemurs, frogs and primates, when and where to visit, photography tips, birdwatching.

About this book

Lavishly illustrated and completely updated, this fourth edition of Bradt’s Madagascar Wildlife is a celebration of the island’s extraordinary flora and fauna, 90% of which is endemic. The pace of change in Madagascar’s biodiversity is staggering, over the past decade a new species of frog has been discovered at a rate of one every six weeks, and this is the only guide to keep abreast of such scientific developments. Containing over 280 colour photographs, updated information on 22 of the country’s top parks and reserves, plus lively species descriptions, this handbook is perfect for natural history enthusiasts and travellers alike.

About the Author

Daniel Austin is the founder of the Madagascar Library and the secretary of the Anglo-Malagasy Society. Nick Garbutt is a wildlife photographer and author who has two wins in the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.