Kolkata & West Bengal

by Vanessa Betts 

Published:  10th May 2016
Size:  115 X 178 mm
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Number of pages:  112
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ISBN: 9781910120873
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About this book

No visit to India is complete without some time spent in West Bengal, a cultured corner of the subcontinent. Wonderfully fertile lands fed by the great Ganga River are home to terracotta temples, hill stations and bustling cities. From the cool air of Darjeeling to the mangrove forests of Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Footprint’s Kolkata & West Bengal covers all the top attractions in this unique region, plus lesser-known sights off the beaten track.
* Essentials section with practical tips on getting there and around.
* Background section with fascinating information on the region’s fascinating history and culture.
* Comprehensive listings of where to eat, sleep & relax.
* Detailed street maps for Kolkata, Darjeeling & other key destinations.
* Slim enough to fit in your pocket.
Loaded with advice and information, this concise Footprint Handbook will help you get the most out of Kolkata and West Bengal without weighing you down.

About the Author

Vanessa Betts is a writer and editor from England. She went to India in 1997, as the first stop on a round-the-world ticket, and then found out that nowhere else could quite compare. After time spent living and working in Australia, Egypt and England she has been based in India, chiefly in Kolkata, since March 2006.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1) Planning your trip
2) Kolkata & West Bengal (Kolkata; South of Kolkata; North of Kolkata; West Bengal Hills)
3) Practicalities
4) Footnotes