Greenland (ebook)

Publication Date:  28th May 2024

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Greenland travel guide. Expert advice and tourist information covering accommodation, travel where to stay and eat, and what to see and do. Features Nuuk, icebergs, the world’s second-largest ice sheet, glaciers, northern lights, Arctic Circle Trail, whale watching, walruses, polar bears, winter sports, hiking, dog sledding and snowmobile rides.

Published:  28th May 2024
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  264

About this book

New from Bradt, Greenland is the first standalone travel guidebook to the country from a mainstream publisher. Targeted at independent travellers, but equally serving those visiting on organised tours or cruises, this guide combines essential information – such as getting around on an island lacking roads connecting the major settlements – with advice on what to see and do, and where to stay and eat. Every chapter is infused with Greenland’s remarkable combination of pristine nature and traditional culture, which sets it apart from Arctic neighbours – and which makes a trip so rewarding.
The world’s largest island, but also part of the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland sits near the top of the world, a vast expanse of white in a planet full of green, blue and brown. Today’s visitors relish opportunities for close encounters with immense icebergs and glaciers. The epic scenery provides the backdrop to the numerous activities on offer – from visiting the Arctic’s largest ice sheet or taking to the sea in search of 13 species of whale, and from hiking the 160-km-long Arctic Circle Trail to seeking out musk oxen, walruses and the rare polar bear.
Greenland in winter is another world, when long polar nights are brightened by the mesmerising northern lights and the reflections of the snow. It remains a snowy paradise until spring – the best time to travel by dog sled or snowmobile across the frozen tundra. To relax afterwards, why not close your trip with a few days of nature-inspired art, eclectic culture and fine dining in the diminutive capital, Nuuk?
Greenland has always been a destination for pioneering explorers, be they the Inuit who arrived from the west, the Norsemen who came from the east or mariners seeking the Northwest Passage. Part of the attraction for today’s visitors is to experience an element of the challenges they faced. Although travel within Greenland can be tricky given limited infrastructure and often adverse weather conditions, it can also be a remarkably easy place in which to travel, with the right planning, a flexible attitude and the right advice – which is precisely where Bradt’s Greenland comes in. Let it be your guide to a truly staggering country.

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About the Author

Gill and Alistair Campbell ( have been writing guidebooks since 2010; Greenland is their third guidebook for Bradt. They are avid travellers, criss-crossing the globe since the early 1970s, and Greenland is a place they have grown to love. They find it incredible that so few people visit, given how much the country offers: the world’s largest fjords and national park, fifteen different whales and gargantuan icebergs. No two towns are linked by road, and the weather determines how you travel: boat, dog sled, snowmobile or helicopter. Each of the Campbells’ journeys has been an adventure, and they are constantly amazed by how tiny Inuit hunting and fishing communities prosper in this harsh environment. They have visited every region in this huge country, meeting with dog-sled mushers, boat skippers and Inuit running remote cabins – all to write a book that allows visitors to plan their own adventure in this majestic land.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background Information
Chapter 2 Practical Information
Chapter 3 Nuuk and the Capital Region
Chapter 4 Kangerlussuaq and the Arctic Circle Region
Chapter 5 Ilulissat and Disko Bay

Chapter 6 The Far North
Chapter 7 South Greenland
Chapter 8 East Greenland

Appendices: Language
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