Falkland Islands

by Will Wagstaff 

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Falkland Islands Travel Guide – Holiday advice and tourist information on everything from Stanley restaurants and hotels to planning, history, wildlife and conservation, ideal for both cruise ship and independent visitors. Covers East and West Falkland, and Sea Lion, Pebble, Carcass, Saunders, Keppel, Weddell, Staats and Beaver islands.

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ISBN: 9781784776183

Published:  14th Dec 2018
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  2
Number of pages:  176

About this book

This new, thoroughly updated second edition of Bradt’s Falkland Islands remains the only standalone guide to this British Overseas Territory and is ideal for both independent and cruise visitors alike. New for this edition is a dedicated full-colour wildlife and natural history section, as well as all the most recent details needed for a smooth trip, from planning and history to Stanley restaurants and hotels, conservation issues, wildlife watching trips and how to explore beyond the capital. East and West Falkland are covered, and so too are Sea Lion, Pebble, Carcass, Saunders, Keppel, Weddell, Staats and Beaver islands.
Situated in the South Atlantic Ocean over 300 miles from South America the Falkland Islands are one of the truly wild places in the world, a photographer’s delight home to albatrosses, penguins and other wildlife as well as to over 3,000 people.
The Falkland Islands are a must-visit location for those interested in the wild outdoors, especially anyone wanting to see penguins, seals and lots more. It’s not all about penguins, though, as the islands’ abundant wildlife and spectacular scenery along with comfortable accommodation, good wholesome food and welcoming people create a wonderful place to visit. The thriving town of Stanley gives way to the wild open spaces of the ‘camp’ with its scattered settlements, long sandy beaches, isolated islands and rocky outcrops.
With Bradt’s Falkland Islands you can plan how to fly between islands, discover the ‘camp’ (rural areas), visit multiple penguin colonies, sample a wide range of cakes and cookies at a ‘smoko’ (morning or afternoon tea break), watch Black-browed Albatrosses, and visit the magnificent collection of artefacts and curios from around the islands at the new Historic Dockyard Museum. Whatever your interest, this is the essential guide for a successful trip.

About the Author

Having stepped in at the last minute when the original tour leader fell ill, Will Wagstaff has been visiting the Falkland Islands on a regular basis since 1994. He has explored large areas of the Falklands from the smallest uninhabited islands to the isolated settlements as well as the ‘metropolis’ of Stanley, having now spent over a year on the islands when the collected trips are added up. In recent times Will has also been working on Expedition cruise ships which have taken him to hitherto unvisited and remote areas. His main passion has always been ornithology, but over the years his interests have encompassed all aspects of wildlife. His journeys usually involve leading groups, giving lectures on board etc, so he has been able to communicate his love of wildlife to many. There is so much to see and enjoy that keeps Will coming back to these special islands and, whether sitting watching albatrosses flying in and out of their colonies or admiring penguins living up to their charismatic reputation, he is still enthralled by this magical location.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background Information
At a glance, Geography & geology, Climate, History, Government & politics, Economy, People & culture
Chapter 2 Natural history & conservation
Flora, Marine algae, Animals, Birds, Insects, Seashells and crustacea, Conservation
Chapter 3 Practical Information
When to visit, Highlights, Suggested itineraries, Tour operators, Red tape, Representation Getting there and away, Health, Safety, What to take, Money, Budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating & drinking, Public holidays & festivals, Shopping, Arts & entertainment, Photography, Media & communications

Chapter 4 Port Stanley
History, Getting there, Getting around, Tourist information, Orientation, What to see, Where to stay, Where to eat, Entertainment, Shopping, , Other practicalities
Chapter 5 East Falkland
Gypsy Cove, Cape Pembroke and Surf Bay, Kidney Island and Kidney Cove, Volunteer Point, Seal Bay, Salvador, Cape Dolphin, San Carlos/Port san Carlos, Darwin/Goose Green, Bleaker Island
Chapter 6 West Falkland
Port Howard, Excursions from Port Howard, Other accommodation on West Falkland
Chapter 7 Sea Lion Island
History, getting there, Where to stay, What to see
Chapter 8 Pebble Island
History, Getting there, getting around, Where to stay, What to see and do
Chapter 9 Carcass, West Point and New Island
Carcass island, West Point Island, New Island
Chapter 10 Saunders Island and Keppel Island
Saunders Island, Keppel Island
Chapter 11 Weddell, Staats and Beaver Islands
Weddell Island, Staats and Beaver Islands

Selected Flora & Fauna
Further info