Slovakia: Bratislava

by Lucy Mallows and  Tim Burford

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Bratislava city guide – Expert travel tips and holiday advice including Old Town highlights, shopping and restaurants, transport, architecture and historical sites. Also includes maps, itineraries, accommodation, day trips and walking routes, opera, Bratislava and Devín castles, Rusovce, Kosice, Horský park and the Slovak National Theatre.

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ISBN: 9781784774851

Published:  27th Jan 2020
Size:  126 X 196 mm
Edition:  4
Number of pages:  240

About this book

This new, thoroughly updated edition of Bradt’s Bratislava remains the only guide dedicated to this compact and increasingly popular city. Split into ten easy-to-follow chapters, the guide covers everything from local politics and cultural etiquette in the opening sections, followed by information on planning, practical information, local transport (including the new bike-sharing scheme), accommodation, eating and drinking, entertainment, nightlife, sports and shopping. City walks are also included, focusing on the main sights and beyond, plus sightseeing, from castles and palaces to museums, galleries, churches, gardens and parks. Beyond the city itself there are sections on Devín, Cervený Kamen, Ancient Gerulata, Rusovce, the Small Carpathian Wine Route, Senec, Piestany Spa, Trnava and Kosice. There are also useful reference sections on language (pronunciation and words and phrases) and sources of further information.
The legendary Casanova knew Bratislava and declared it ‘the most beautiful city in Europe’, and he knew a thing or two about beauty. Situated by the mighty Danube River and nestling in the Small Carpathian Mountains, Bratislava is a good-looking capital filled with good-looking people who seem to be enjoying life. This is a city which effortlessly blends history with hedonism, where world-class restaurants have been joined by a clutch of quality coffee houses and literary tea and bookshops.
Bratislava’s small size is satisfying: it’s compact and visitor-friendly with many superbly curated museums and not one but two opera houses, rivalling those in Budapest and Vienna. In short, Bratislava is the perfect destination for a weekend break, a romantic city break, a family holiday or as a base from where to discover the underrated attractions in the rest of Slovakia, and with Bradt’s Bratislava you’ll have everything you need for a successful trip.

About the Author

Born and educated in the UK, Lucy Mallows spent 16 years in Budapest and Brussels, working as a photo journalist, travel writer and translator. An expert on central Europe who spoke seven languages, including Russian, Hungarian and a fair attempt at Slovak, her passions were travel, music, swimming, photography and football! Sadly, Lucy passed away early in 2018.
This edition has been updated by Tim Burford, who started writing guidebooks for Bradt in 1991, in Romania and Poland, and also led hiking trips in the mountains of Romania, Poland and Slovakia, so passed through Bratislava quite often until 2003. ‘I always loved it’ he says ‘and I was very happy to be asked to update this book. I walked everywhere and also made use of the new bike-sharing system to check every detail. I also have a good grasp of the history and culture of central Europe, where I’ve now worked for almost thirty years.’


‘Clearly written by someone who loves the city very much.’
Timeless Travels Magazine

‘This thorough, enticing and wonderfully pocket-sized guide suggests a city with the appeal of Budapest on a smaller, cheaper scale.’
Real Travel

‘The pocket book sized guide makes you want to pack your bags and go to discover what this long neglected town has to offer.’
The Budapest Sun

‘Bradt’s Bratislava is by far the most comprehensive and entertaining guide on the market – in any langauge.’
Timeless Travels Magazine

Additional Information

Table of Contents

How to use this guide
Chapter 1 Contexts
Geography, Climate, Natural history, History, Government and politics, Economy, People, Religion, Culture and festivals, Business, Cultural etiquette, Travelling positively
Chapter 2 Planning
A practical overview, When to visit (and why), Highlights and suggested itineraries, Tour operators, Red tape, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, What to take, Money and budgeting
Chapter 3 Practicalities
Tourist information, Local tour operators, Embassies and consulates, Money, Media and communications, Religious services, Public toilets
Chapter 4 Local Transport
Public transport, Bratislava by bike, Taxis, Car hire, Danube river cruises
Chapter 5 Accommodation
Luxury hotels, Four-star hotels, Three-star hotels, Pensions, Hostels, Camping
Chapter 6 Eating and Drinking
Food, Drink, Restaurants, Cafés and tearooms, Bars, pubs and clubs
Chapter 7 Entertainment, Nightlife, Sport and Shopping
Theatre, Music, Nightclubs and discos, Casinos, LGBT+ Bratislava, Cinema, Sports, Shopping
Chapter 8 Walking Tours
Walk one – Old Town, Walk two – castle and beyond
Chapter 9 Museums and Sightseeing
Major sights, Museums, Galleries, Churches and religious buildings, Gardens and parks, Squares, Bridges, Also worth a visit
Chapter 10 Beyond the City
Devín, Ancient Gerulata, Rusovce, Senec, Small Carpathian Wine Route, Cervený Kamen, Trnava, Piestany, Kosice
Appendix 1 Language
Pronunciation, Words and phrases
Appendix 2 Further Information
Books, Websites