by Lizzie Williams 

Publication Date:  03rd Oct 2017


About this book

Barbados offers the ideal Caribbean holiday. Whether you re seeking some serious relaxation in the sun or rugged coastal walking, this island has something to offer everyone. This Footprint Handbook provides invaluable information on transport, accommodation, eating and entertainment to ensure that your trip includes the best of this sun-drenched isle.
Essentials section with useful advice on getting to and around the island of Barbados.
Comprehensive, up-to-date listings of where to eat, sleep and play.
Includes information on tour operators and activities, from sipping rum on the plantations to golfing in the sunshine.
Detailed maps for Barbados and its key destinations.
Slim enough to fit in your pocket.
With detailed information on all the main sights, plus many lesser-known attractions, the Footprint Barbados Handbook provides concise and comprehensive coverage of one the Caribbean s most sought-after destinations.

About the Author

Originally from London, Lizzie Williams has been travelling since 1995, beginning in Africa. Starting out on trips across the continent as a tour leader, she has sat with a gorilla, slept amongst elephants, fed a giraffe and swum with a hippo. For Footprint, she is author of several African titles and many of the Caribbean Islands handbooks. Lizzie also regularly contributes to numerous magazines and writes destination guides for leading websites specializing in African travel. When not on the road, she counts herself very lucky to call beautiful Cape Town home.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1) Planning your trip
2) Bridgetown
3) West Coast
4) North Coast
5) East Coast
6) South Coast
7) Listings
8) Background
9) Practicalities
10) Index