The heart of Brazil's northeast

by Alex Robinson 

Bahia Travel Guide – Expert travel advice featuring Salvador nightlife and restaurants, hotels and resorts, Mardi gras festival, Itacaré beaches and activities. This guide also includes northern Brazil highlights such as Discovery Coast rainforest, Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Boipeba, music and culture, capoeira, Bahian cuisine, hiking and diving.

Published:  03rd Nov 2010
Edition:  1
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ISBN: 9781841628424
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About this book

When Brazilians are far from home they dream of Bahia – of its powder-fine beaches and reef-ringed islands; of waterfalls in the Diamond mountains of the arid sertão, of cobbled streets and pastel-painted houses in Salvador. They long for capoeira and the rich spicy smell of Bahian cooking; the rhythms of axé and the colour of the world’s largest carnival. “Você tem que ir.” they say. “You must go.”

Bradt’s Bahia shows the way to the World Heritage sites of Salvador (which has the largest collection of colonial baroque in the world) and the Discovery Coast rainforests; to the best of the beaches around the resorts of Itacaré, Porto Seguro and Trancoso; and beyond to the unspoilt island of Boipeba; the northern Linha Verde near Mangue Seco; and the little-explored coast of Sergipe and Alagoas states to Bahia’s north.

About the Author

Alex Robinson is an award-winning travel writer and photographer and a leading writer on Brazil and its music.


‘Bradt’s pioneering new titles are filled with honest, sensitive and practical information that will set you on the right path.’

Additional Information

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Background information
Chapter 2: Practical information
Chapter 3: African-Brazilian culture
Chapter 4: Brazilian Music

Chapter 5: Salvador
Chapter 6: The Baía de Todos os Santos and the Recôncavo
Chapter 7: Ilheus and the Central Southern beaches
Chapter 8: Porto Seguro and the Southern Beaches
Chapter 9: The Linha Verde and the Northern Beaches
Chapter 10: The Chapada Diamantina and Lençois
Chapter 11: The Rio São Francisco and the Sertão
Chapter 12: Sergipe and Alagoas states

Appendix 1: Brazilian Portuguese
Appendix 2: Wildlife list
Appendix 3: Further Reading