Angkor (ebook)

by Andrew Spooner 

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Published:  27th Mar 2015
Edition:  1

About this book

Angkor is one of the architectural treasures of Southeast Asia. Surrounded by mysterious jungle, the hub of the region is charming colonial town of Siem Reap with its bustling market. Footprint’s Angkor covers all the unmissable sights within this spectacular and gargantuan complex, plus lesser-known sights off the beaten track. Provides recommendations on what to do & where to go, as well as the low-down on the fascinating history of this ancient temple city.
* Practicalities section with essential advice on getting there and around.
* Highlights map and colour section so you know what not to miss.
* Comprehensive listings including where to eat, sleep and relax.
* Detailed street maps for Siem Reap and maps of the key temples within the complex
* Slim enough to fit in your pocket.
Loaded with advice and information, this concise Footprint guide will help you get the most out of Angkor without weighing you down.

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About the Author

Andrew Spooner is a feature, travel and sports writer and photographer. His work appears regularly in The Independent on Sunday, The Independent, CNN Traveller, The Guardian, the Observer, GQ and Bike. He has also taught Media and Journalism, part time, at the University of East London. In his previous life, Andrew travelled through the underbelly of Europe with various punk rock bands and he still likes loud music, played badly. After travelling to Thailand in 1989, Andrew developed a fascination with the country and now shares his time between Bangkok and London.

Additional Information

Table of Contents

1) Planning your trip (This is Angkor; Best of Angkor)
2) Sights (How to do Angkor; Itineraries; Angkor Wat; Royal city of Angkor Thom; South of Angkor Thom; East of Angkor Thom; North of Angkor Thom; West of Angkor Thom; Outlying Temples; Siem Reap; Listings)
3) Background (History; Culture; Religion)
4) Practicalities (Getting there; Getting around; Where to stay; Food & drink; Local customs and conduct; Essentials A-Z; Index; Credits)