An Educational Journey (ebook)

by Raphael Wilkins 

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Travel memoir about school leadership development in Pakistan, India, China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Chile. Informative and thought-provoking insights from an international education expert, as well as personal reflections on visiting Lucknow, Lahore, Bogota, Valparaiso and Sao Paolo.

Published:  03rd Mar 2021
Edition:  1

About this book

Education expert Raphael Wilkins, author of Accidental Traveller, recounts his travels around the world as a visiting expert, where he set up and advised on several educational projects, all very different from each other, and all providing challenges in working across languages and cultures. He battles with unenthusiastic school principals in Dammam, a volatile project manager in Mexico and awkward hosts in Lucknow. Among other adventures, he visits a navy school in Karachi, completes a fulfilling project in Jeddah, secures a valuable contract with the Colombian government in Bogota, and enjoys a tender reunion in Cyprus. Combining informative and thought-provoking insights on education with personal reflections from a lifetime of travel, An Educational Journey is an inspirational book about the importance of broadening horizons, both physical and personal.

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About the Author

Raphael Wilkins was born in Eltham, south-east London. He began his career in educations as a geography teacher in Bromley, before progressing to education officer posts in three other London Boroughs. Since 2001 he has worked as an education consultant, working with a number of national organisations and universities on matters of education policy, leadership and development. In his professional field he has published two books, as well as over 70 articles, book chapters and research reports. In 2007 his focus broadened to international consultancy, and the extensive global travel which that involved stimulated his desire to become a travel writer. An Educational Journey is his second volume of travel memoirs. He lives in Barnard Castle, County Durham.