A Summer of British Wildlife

by James Lowen 

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A Summer of British Wildlife Guide – Travel information and tips for summer wildlife-watching, with an entry per day from mid-May to late August, covering England, Scotland and Wales. From bitterns to basking sharks, butterflies, mammals and reptiles, plus weekend options and the where, when and how to get the most out of British wildlife.

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ISBN: 9781784770099

Published:  05th Mar 2016
Size:  135 X 216 mm
Edition:  1
Number of pages:  256
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About this book

Winner of the Travel Media Awards ‘Travel Guide Book of the Year’ award 2016.

This original and colourful guide to British summer wildlife experiences is packaged into daily suggestions for what, when, where and how to see the best of British summer wildlife. For both the experienced wildlife tourist and the novice, the suggestions criss-cross England, Scotland and Wales, complete with inspiring itineraries, engaging descriptions, detailed directions and tips on how to find, identify and enjoy British animals, butterflies, birds and plants. Each entry gives an informative and inspiring suggestion focusing on up to four species, with full-colour photography and a helpful box covering practicalities such as grid references, useful websites, access arrangements to specific sites, flexibility details such as flight periods for butterflies or flowering weeks for orchids, and alternative sites to make viewing possible if you don’t live near the suggested site but want to view the suggested species. From delicate orchids to gargantuan basking sharks, from seabird skyscrapers to ostentatious otters, this is the only guide of its type to offer full details of how to get the most out of British summer wildlife-watching.

About the Author

James Lowen is a wildlife writer, travel guide and photographer, who is enthused by bringing nature to life for the non-specialist. This book is the result of 30-odd years of exploring Britain’s wildlife-rich areas, from Scilly to Shetland and Kent to the Cairngorms. The breadth of coverage reflects James’s personal evolution from a juvenile birdwatcher to a fully-fledged naturalist, from being interested only in feathered creatures to getting excited about every single dimension of British nature – be it winged or furry, whether it blooms or slithers. James is well known as the author of Bradt Travel Guides’ 52 wildlife weekends: a year of British wildlife-watching breaks. He writes a monthly column for Bird Watching magazine and contributes regularly to BBC Wildlife magazine.


Winner of the Travel Media Awards ‘Travel Guide Book of the Year’ award 2016.

‘Lowen maintains a lovely tone, necessarily practical but also occasionally poetic — a friendly, encouraging and knowledgeable companion… an ideal addition to any family bookshelf, though it should also spend plenty of time over the years in your backpack or glove compartment.’
BBC Wildlife Magazine

‘A beautiful, full-colour guide packed with suggestions, sites and authoritative advice about our sunniest season’
Eastern Daily Press

‘Lavishly illustrated, easy to read and to find your way around.’
Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

‘The perfect practical companion for anyone planning to spend the summer trying to get a bit closer to nature.’
Bird Watching Magazine

‘Successful at capturing the imagination and whisking you away with him on a glorious, enriching summer day out.’
BiOME Ecology Magazine

‘What impressed me the most was the sheer amount of information so well presented and so full of ideas. I just wish I had this book when I first visited the Highlands.’
Ray Collier, Highland News

‘100 very well proposed and laidout suggestions of where you should go and what you should see in a British summer. A brilliant idea.’
Chris Packham, Springwatch Unsprung

‘For anybody wishing to take delight in a few simple trips looking at a breadth of incredible British wildlife this summer, A Summer of British Wildlife will lend inspiration and, together with the necessary identification knowledge or handbooks, all the information you will need. In particular, anyone with children will surely find it a delightful and invaluable aid to enjoying the outdoors with them and passing on a precious affection for the natural world.’
David Campbell,

The pages are decorated with lovely photographs and illustrations, depicting many of the target species you might be looking for that day and together with the lovely descriptive flow that James Lowen pens to the pages, it’s a real pleasure to read, even if you have no real intention to visit the area.
Graham Etherington,

“Each day out is brought alive through Lowen’s recollections, drawing the reader into his world and lighting a spark for futuree exploration… A very practical, as well as visually engaging, summer guide.”
Butterfly Conservation Magazine

‘A delightful book.’
This England