Paddling Britain

Imagine journeying through a wooded valley with only the sound of your paddle hitting the water, gliding past sleepy villages and peering down meandering creeks. Perhaps you’re floating along remote coastal waters, scouting for seals and dolphins and taking in the cacophony of seabird colonies clinging to cliff faces. Or maybe you’re cruising down an urban canal, absorbing centuries of industrial heritage amid the throng of modern city life. Whether you’re paddling by SUP, kayak or canoe, exploring Britain by water allows you to slow down and find a fresh perspective on familiar surroundings.

In Paddling Britain, outdoor adventurer Lizzie Carr shares 50 of her favourite paddles across the length and breadth of Britain, ranging from the Isles of Scilly to the Scottish Highlands, and covering the full gamut of British waterways. Packed with detailed information, including maps, safety tips and difficulty ratings, this definitive guide will inspire novices and old hands alike.

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