Going beyond the loungers and the beaches and engaging with a destination’s friendly, interesting people is a dimension of travel that I think we often neglect, but it enriches our journeys and makes them far more rewarding. Grenada is the perfect place to make new friends and discover new places.

Grenada is a Caribbean country with everything; stunning white sand beaches, mountains and rainforest, a vibrant cultural heritage, and some of the best yachting facilities in the region. A holiday to this tri-island nation is a trip with spice – literally. One of the world’s largest nutmeg and mace producers, its organic cocoa crops are the key ingredient of some of the best chocolate you have ever tasted.

A little further north in the adorable Southern Grenadines, Carriacou and Petite Martinique are diminutive islands that feel adrift from the world. Peaceful and laid back, they retain a strong cultural heritage of boat building, maroon and saraca festivals, and the famous Big Drum Dance.

Travel to Grenada to meet some of the loveliest people on earth, stay in a luxury beachside resort, holiday cottages or aboard a charter boat. Scuba dive scores of shipwrecks – including the largest in the Caribbean – hike volcanic ridges and peaks, eat traditional oil-down and drink rum from one of the region’s oldest distilleries. Whether you are here for sunsets or a bit of spice, Grenada has it all.

Paul Crask

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