A Wild Times takeover

Jini Reddy, author of our new Wild Times book, took over our Instagram to share some of her favourite natural experiences with us.

Jini Reddy, author of our new Wild Times book, took over our Instagram to share some of her favourite natural experiences with us.

The natural world can awaken our senses, oblige us to slow down, offer adventure, meaning, solace, wonder and healing. Nature may challenge us, and invoke a quiet peace. 

There’s a transformative power to time spent in nature, and you don’t need to be a wildlife expert or an all-conquering adventurer to find a way to connect with the natural world around you.

Anyone can try their hand at painting with earth pigments along the North Yorkshire coast, taking a bumblebee safari in Somerset or navigating as our ancestors did in Sussex. The invitation here is gentle: explore, engage and – above all – enjoy!

Wild Times is part inspirational narrative, part practical guide. It offers helpful details on how to get there and where to stay, suggestions of alternative experiences on the same theme and handy tips on bringing a little of the magic back home.

Whether you fancy rewilding a forest in the Scottish Highlands, learning the art of horse whispering in Devon or taking a moonlit meander through Suffolk, you’ll find your perfect wild time within the pages of this enchanting book.

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