52 Wildlife Weekends

52 Wildlife Weekends Guide – Travel information and tips for 52 suggested British wildlife breaks including birdwatching and tracking advice, activities and walks. Also features local highlights and suggested itineraries in England, Scotland and Wales, transportation, when to go, accommodation and restaurant tips, maps and species identification.

Peruvian Wildlife

Peruvian Wildlife Guide – Tourist advice on wildlife in the Peruvian Andes, Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, guided walks, reserves and national parks. This guide features habitats in the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash, Lake Titicaca, Manu National Park, Machu Picchu Sanctuary, including detailed species information, birdwatching tips.

A Summer of British Wildlife

A Summer of British Wildlife Guide – Travel information and tips for summer wildlife-watching, with an entry per day from mid-May to late August, covering England, Scotland and Wales. From bitterns to basking sharks, butterflies, mammals and reptiles, plus weekend options and the where, when and how to get the most out of British wildlife.

Pantanal Wildlife

Pantanal Wildlife Guide – Expert wildlife information covering the Pantanal of Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, wetland habitats and endemics, practical field advice. This guide also includes species classification featuring jaguars, giant otters and anacondas, when and where to visit, photography tips, birdwatching, conservation and natural history.

Southern African Wildlife

Southern African Wildlife Guide – Expert information and travel advice featuring southern African wildlife, practical field tips, conservation and natural history. This guide also covers endemic flora and fauna, species classification and field guide, birdwatching, when and where to visit, photography tips, safaris, habitats and wildlife tracking.

Sri Lankan Wildlife

Sri Lankan Wildlife Guide – Expert wildlife advice including identification, field guides, photography, rare endemics, habitats and national parks such as Yala, Minneriya and Kaudulla. Also covering where to watch primates and turtles, blue whales, sperm whales, leopards, elephants, nocturnal wildlife, underwater locations and birdwatching.

Madagascar Wildlife

Madagascar Wildlife Guide – Expert information and travel advice featuring the wildlife of Madagascar, practical field tips, endemic flora and fauna, conservation. Also covering natural history, Malagasy culture, activities, species classification including lemurs, frogs and primates, when and where to visit, photography tips, birdwatching.

Sri Lankan Wildlife

Sri Lankan Wildlife Guide – Expert wildlife advice including tips on identification, field guides, photography, rare endemics, national reserves and habitats. Also featuring suggestions for where to watch primates and turtles, nocturnal wildlife, underwater locations, birdwatching and scientific and behavioral information on numerous species.

52 European Wildlife Weekends

52 European Wildlife Weekends – Travel information and tips for wildlife-watching in Europe, with an entry per week and short breaks in 21 countries. Reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds, plants, butterflies and dragonflies: from bears to wolves, whales to turtles, eagles to cranes – the where, when and how to make the most of any trip.

Wildlife & Conservation Volunteering

Wildlife Conservation and Volunteering Guide – Expert tips and advice on conservation projects across the world, practical volunteering information and ecotourism. This guide also covers charities and organisations focusing on volunteering, tour operators, short- and long-term and gap year options, wildlife guides, volunteer stories and adventures.

Galapagos Wildlife

Gal√°pagos Wildlife Guide – Tips and expert advice including species identification and practical field guide, endemic wildlife and flora and suggested itineraries. This guide also features tours and island visitor sites, Charles Darwin and evolution, conservation, natural history, giant tortoises, marine iguanas, birdwatching and wildlife tracking.

Family Wildlife Adventures

Family Wildlife Adventures: 50 breaks in search of Britain’s wildlife – Travel information for wildlife watching and connecting with nature in Britain, with trips and tips for all ages. From island-hopping in the Isles of Scilly to wild camping along Scotland’s Whale Route, family travel expert Will Gray covers everything you need to know.

East African Wildlife

East African Wildlife Guide – Wildlife and birdwatching expert advice including game drive and safari tips, Big Five, Serengeti-Mara, national parks, reserves. Also includes detailed information on individual species and habitats, guided walks, photography tips and field guides, featuring Kilimanjaro, Selous-Niassa, Lakes Victoria and Tanganyika.

Chinese Wildlife

Chinese Wildlife Guide – Expert tips on wildlife spotting and birdwatching in China, including habitats, endemic species, conservation, reserves and accessibility. This guide also highlights ideal times to visit, photography advice, the best place to see pandas, regional guides including the Tibetan Plateau, detailed species-specific information.

Australian Wildlife

Australian Wildlife Guide – portable and easy-to-use, detailing habitats, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, the marine environment and where to go. Covers native, endemic and introduced species such as koala, kangaroo, platypus, plus Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, the Outback and elsewhere. Suitable for all ages and interest levels.