The world’s greatest wildlife encounters

From gorilla tracking in the Virungas to climbing for condors in Peru, we pick our favourite wildlife encounters from across the globe. 

Exceptional places to visit in 2017

As we move in to 2017, it’s time to start planning this year’s trips… but where should you be heading? 

The Amerindians

Philip Briggs writes about Amerindian culture past and present in Suriname.

Interview with Philip Briggs

To celebrate the publication of his new guide to Suriname, we chat to author Philip Briggs about the country and his tips for aspiring travel writers. 

Building a korjaal

A characteristic of the Upper Suriname, a korjaal takes several months to build.

Popular Suriname dishes

Surinamese cuisine reflects its rich and diverse cultural heritage.

Paramaribo’s wooden architecture

Paramaribo’s distinctive wooden architecture is largely a product of its location.