Introducing dead goat polo: Tajikistan’s national sport

Never mind the Premier League; this is the weekend’s real entertainment.

The World Nomad Games

The third World Nomad Games, held in Kyrgyzstan, hosted more than 3,000 athletes from 77 countries. Here are the event’s highlights.

9 runs around the world

Some of our favourite alternative marathons from around the world.

The Tour de Yorkshire

Author Mike Bagshaw takes us on a tour of the towns and villages on the Tour de Yorkshire route for 2017.

The competitive Cotswolds

If you’ve got a competitive spirit then head over to the Cotswolds.

Activities along the Alpe-Adria Trail

There’s an enormous amount of scope for all kinds of outdoor activities along the AAT.

Barbie, boots and boys’ toys – Lille’s arty take on Euro 2016

There are plenty of fab and groovy exhibitions to celebrate a summer of football in Lille.

Ten alternative ski bases

Skiing in Iran? You can’t be serious… 

Camel breeding and racing

Camels are an integral part of the Oman’s culture and history.