Instagram takeover

Are you the next generation of travel content creator? Would you like to partner with one of the most respected brands in the world of travel publishing?

Bradt is looking for Instagram users with at least 5,000 followers to work with on a takeover of our account – you’ll have the chance to speak to our respected travel community across our Instagram Stories and Posts.

Here’s an example of people we’ve worked with recently:

Juliet Lemon (@juliet_lemon)


Although we want to work with as many people as possible, we of course have a couple of rules we would like you to follow. It’s essential that you focus more on the destination and less on your experience of it – and by that we mean please try to keep any selfies to a minimum!

Feel free to narrate videos if context is required, but please try to avoid long videos that run over multiple Stories.

Most importantly, please be respectful to all people and their cultures and customs. Thanks!