Summer is Britain’s richest season. There is so much to seek, to watch and to explore. With A Summer of British Wildlife, I aim to celebrate the bounty and variety of British nature. I do so through showcasing 100 of what I believe to be the finest wildlife-watching experiences, each carefully timed for a suitable date between mid-May and late August.

I seek to inspire you to venture out to places new and old, from Cornish clifftops to Shetland lochs. I encourage you to experience familiar sights with fresh eyes, whether by donning a wetsuit to snorkel in the Western Isles or by lacing up walking boots to scramble up chalk escarpments in Sussex. Whether you are a paid-up member of a county wildlife trust or the parent of a nature-loving child, I hope that you will tread novel paths looking for previously unimaginable creatures. If you are a birdwatcher, I seek to make you a botanist. If you already love dragonflies and butterflies, may your horizons expand into creatures that have no wings.

Above all, I hope that my suggestions in this book frame your own 100 days with British wildlife. As you travel this brilliant country, laud the diversity of British fauna and flora, and honour those who strive to safeguard nature’s future. Enjoy your summer of British wildlife!

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