Kidding Around

Parenthood demands an overnight re-adjustment in your relationships towards almost everything, from sleep to work to socialising. And of course to travel.

Kidding Around is a collection of 35 true tales – plus a poem – about the perils and pleasures of travel with children, from ill-tempered toddlers to world-weary teenagers.

The stories take you to locations across five continents. There’s plenty of adventurous travel, including trekking with tots in the Himalayas, sailing en famille across the Atlantic Ocean, and the first circumnavigation of Mauritius by bicycle. Find out what happened when a father inadvertently took his daughters to a brothel, and read how one family turned up six hours early for a flight… and still managed to miss it. Join families paddling with crocodiles and getting their jeep stuck on a beach as the tide is coming in, and watch events unfold as three-year-old Quin befriends a family of cockroaches.

Tales are hair-raising, comical or just plain fun, and feature magical moments with wild creatures or in wild places. For anyone who has ever travelled with their precious offspring, or wondered what it’s like to head into the unknown with little ones in tow, Kidding Around is a cautionary and captivating read.