Turf church at Staloluokta Swedish Lapland by James ProctorA turf church at Staloluokta, Swedish Lapland © James Proctor

Take a helicopter flight to this remote Sámi summer camp beside Swedish Lapland’s most beautiful lakes.

One of the main places of interest in the Padjelanta National Park is Staloluokta, an ancient Sami mountain camp named after the Sami god or holy spirit, Stalo (the ‘luokta’ element of the name is the Sami word for a ‘bay’), tucked up close to the Norwegian border and home to around 50 people during the summer months. What makes this place so special is its enchanting location atop two adjoining hillsides, one of which is forested, beside the shores of what are widely regarded to be the two most beautiful lakes in Sweden, Virihaure and Vastenjaure. Although technically two expansive mountain tarns, these serene, tooth-shaped bodies of water give the impression of being a single lake, perfectly located to catch the moody reflections of the surrounding, round-topped mountains.

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