Dare to scare the devil at Twelfthtide

Vevčani’s Twelfthtide Carnival on 13–14 January sees people from all over Macedonia dressing up to scare the devil away. Colourful floats and costumes range from heads on tables, to disguises as local or international politicians.


Be my valentine on St Trifun Day

Only in the Balkans could there be a saint to protect wines and vineyards. Vineyards throw open their doors on this day to taste their first wines of the last season. This is the time to fall in love with Macedonian wine.


A hen night to remember at Strumica Carnival

Strumica Carnival, set in the shadow of the Tsar’s Towers, is a feast of light and costume. Dedicated to the bride-to-be, this is a hen night to beat all others.


Take a hike on the wild side

Exploring Macedonia’s outdoors is in full swing at this time of year. Try the hike from Vodno mountain behind the capital to Matka lake. And for those who like to avoid some of the steep bits, take the cable car up (or down) from the edge of town.


Night at the museum

International Museum Day sees many museums open for free late into the evening. Don’t miss the chance to see the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, and due to open in 2014 is the Museum of Archaeology.


The hills are alive …

… with the sound of music at the Pece Atanasovski Festival of Folk Instruments and Song. Thousands throng to this festival in the hills to hear and see traditional songs played live.


Ohrid Summer Festival

The more sought after of all the many summer festivals in Macedonia, the Ohrid summer festival offers concerts in the Roman theatre, long nights by the lake, and cool tectonic waters to cool off.


Ilinden Festival

Visit the classic architecture of Macedonia up in the mountains where the small town of Kruševo becomes the centre of attention to celebrate the anniversary of Macedonia’s uprising against the Ottoman Empire.


Hike, bike or dive in Lake Ohrid

The crystal clear waters of Lake Ohrid are still warm enough to swim, whilst the weather cools to a comfortable temperature for hiking and biking Macedonia’s national parks.


Skopje Jazz Festival

Here you can see some of the best jazz singers on the global circuit for a fraction of the big capital prices.


Wine culture

The young wine of the Autumn’s harvest is available now, and with the weather drawing in, a tour of a local winery is the way to end a day out in the country.


Ski off-piste in virgin snow

While Macedonia’s ski-resorts are awaiting an upgrade, for the off-piste skier there’s some magnificent back-country skiing on mountains with few skiers and where few have ever been.

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