Big-game fishing on the Atlantic coast

Join the wave of South African holidaymakers who come to Namibia in search of big-game fish such as copper sharks. Weighing in at up to 180kg, that’s quite a catch!


Birdwatching on the Kunene River

A birding paradise at any time of the year, the Kunene River takes some beating.  Come not just for the bee-eaters, kingfishers, sunbirds and rosy-faced lovebirds that add colour to the riverine vegetation, but also for the highly restricted Cinderella waxbill; grown men with this on their wishlist have been known to weep.


Discover the secrets of the Bushmen

In isolated pockets of Namibia, and particularly near Tsumkwe, small communities of Bushmen will welcome you into their homes, their villages and their culture. Forget the stereotypes, go with an open mind, and be prepared to be enthralled.


Kayak around Pelican Point

You might indeed see pelicans, but kayaking off Walvis Bay is really all about marine mammals: cape fur seals in their hundreds and – if you’re lucky – bottlenose dolphins.


Brave the Fish River Canyon hike

Accessible only in the cooler winter months, the five-day hike from Hobas to Ai-Ais is a must-do adventure for any keen hiker.  Fall asleep in Namibia’s ‘thousand-star hotel’ – just you and your sleeping bag under the stars.


Stunning scenery at Sossusvlei

Clear blue skies offset the picture-perfect dunes of Sossusvlei  to create some impressive images with even the simplest of cameras. For the best photographs, get there shortly after sunrise; the light is magic.


Discover Damaraland

Hidden amongst the flat-topped mountains of Damaraland  you’ll find petrified forests, ancient welwitschia plants, desert-adapted elephants, and – at Twyfelfontein – one of the world’s greatest galleries of African rock art. With superb lodges nearby, it’s a compelling mix.


Rhino tracking on foot

Definitely not for the faint-hearted, tracking black rhino on foot is potentially extremely dangerous, but excellent guides minimise the risk – provided you do as you’re told. 


Etosha National Park: wildlife central

Stand by to watch as animals congregate in their hundreds at this Namibian park’s waterholes, as if waiting to be picked off by predators…


Thrills and spills at Swakopmund

The adventure capital of Namibia, Swakopmund will spoil you for choice: sandboarding, quadbiking, skydiving and aerobatic flights over the dunes keep most adrenalin junkies happy, though less adventurous mortals might prefer a more scenic balloon flight. 


Survive the Skeleton Coast

Named for the numerous shipwrecks that have left their legacy on Namibia’s windswept beaches, the Skeleton Coast is unmissable. Come in search of unbroken barren stretches of coast inhabited only by seals and the occasional jackal, and explore inland in search of desert-adapted elephant – or even lion.


Christmas at Kolmanskop?

No, you can’t get Christmas dinner here, but as unusual Christmas holiday destinations go, Namibia’s best-known ghost town is near the top.  Close to the fishing town of Luderitz, Kolmanskop rewards the history buff, the adventurer, the romantic and the photographer.  Not a bad haul if you’re travelling as a family.

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