Calendar – Equatorial Guinea


Search for sea turtles

Check out the four species of sea turtles nesting at Punta Tika on the mainland or on the southern shores of Bioko Island.


Head to the beach

Laze on the white sand beaches of Sipopo or one of Bioko’s other glorious waterfront spots, during Malabo’s hottest month.


Francophonie Week

Celebrate Francophonie Week with food, art, music and theatre, in association with the French Cultural Centres of Malabo and Bata.


Hatching turtles

Watch the sea turtles hatching by moonlight at Punta Tika on the mainland or on the southern shores of Bioko island.


Go gorilla-tracking

Search for elusive western lowland gorillas or leopards in Monte Alen National Park, but be sure to take a guide!


President’s Day 

Join the whole of Equatorial Guinea for a day off work while celebrating President’s Day on 5 June, with speeches, fireworks and a military parade.


Go in search of nature’s giants

Search for elephants in the forests of Los Altos de Nsork National Park while it’s not too rainy!


Hit up some history

Explore the abandoned archaeological sites of Corisco and Elobey Chico islands, after hitching a lift on a cargo ship from Cogo.



Watch the humpback whales migrate past Annobón as they leave their southern summer feeding grounds in search of tropical areas to mate and calve.


Independence Day

Celebrate the end of Spanish rule in 1968 on Independence Day, 12 October, in one of Equatorial Guinea’s biggest parties.


Get on your dancing shoes

Malabo Hip Hop Festival brings together the best and brightest of the West and Central African hip-hop scene for a whole week of musical performances and workshops.


New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve features a massive fireworks display on the waterfronts of Malabo and Bata.

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