Those who make the effort to visit the Congos will be surprised at a genuinely hospitable group of people who have adapted to life in difficult situations. Optimism is easy to find, and foreigners arriving with the same attitude will not be disappointed.

Sean Rorison

The Congos, mysterious, wild and scarred by their troubled history, are proving increasingly irresistible to travellers with a taste for true adventure.

Where guns and disease once ruled, there are now opportunities to discover astonishing national parks and vibrant communities – from the culture and concrete chaos of Kinshasa to the far reaches of volcanic mountains populated by mountain gorillas and okapi.

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Where to visit


Rising out of the jungle unlike any other sight in central Africa are Kinshasa’s towers, its lights, its chaos, its squalor. It is a cultural Mecca, a calling place for the dreams and fortunes of all Congolese from either country of the same name. Rising out of the jungle unlike any other sight in central…

Health and safety – Congo

HealthSafety Health With Dr Felicity Nicholson. For up-to-date information on health issues across Africa, click here. People new to exotic travel often worry about tropical diseases, but it is accidents that are most likely to carry you off. Road accidents are very common in many parts of the Congos so be aware and do what you can…

Food and drink in the Congo

Eating and drinking Congolese like their beer, and there is no shortage of it anywhere. In the DR Congo, Primus beer is a national institution and 750ml bottles can be bought cheaply at small bars and restaurants across the nation. Most towns have at least one small restaurant, often empty, but with food made to…

Travel and visas – Congo

VisasGetting there and awayGetting around Visas The catch is that if you apply for a tourist visa overseas, they require more documentation regarding your stay – including a confirmed hotel reservation, confirmed round-trip tickets, references from your home country and possibly even a bank statement. Charges for the DR Congo visa can be high, but…

Where to visit – Congo

Highlights and itineraries Highlights There are many high points across the region, mostly natural – such as the towering Ruwenzori Mountains in the east, which are climbable along a trail of guesthouses to the peaks. The Congo River is a sight to behold anywhere along its banks, and the history of central Africa’s largest river…

The author’s take

Author’s take Given how vast the Congos are, and how important they are to the African continent, it is a wonder that so few people have managed to visit even in the best of times. Yet given how bad the infrastructure is, how famously unstable their governments are, and how volatile sweeping regions of these…

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