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Verena Knaus is a founding member of the European Stability Initiative (ESI), a non-profit think tank with offices in Prishtina, Istanbul, Brussels and Berlin. Before joining ESI, she studied modern history at Oxford and international relations and economics at The Johns Hopkins University. She first came to Kosovo in summer 2001 to set up a Lessons Learned and Analysis Unit, a joint project of ESI and the UN administration in Kosovo. During those years, she researched and published extensively on Kosovo’s postwar economy, international governance, minorities and migration. In 2004, she moved to Turkey, where she researched and published on Turkey’s Europeanisation. After a short stint at Yale as a World Fellow, she returned to Kosovo in January 2007, just in time for independence. Austrian by nationality, she is a passionate skier, camper, marathon runner and traveller. For many years, she led academic and biking tours across Europe. She speaks fluent German, Albanian, French, Italian and some Turkish.

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Western Kosovo is home to many traditional kullas. These stone towers are well-preserved and definitely worth a visit. 

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