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The real Garden of Eden: Oman’s Dhofar Mountains

A single valley on the edge of Arabia hides one of Oman’s most unexpected corners.

Tony Walsh has written extensively about Oman for local and international media as well as for Oman government publications. His coffee-table book on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Oman covers each of the 13 locations, which are spread throughout the country.

Tony lived in Arabia from 1986–2016, for most of that time in Muscat. Though initially managing retail businesses in Oman and Saudi Arabia, Tony has worked in tourism since 1993, exploring Oman from the Strait of Hormuz to the Yemen border and beyond. His Arabic can justifiably be called ‘street Arabic’ as, although he learnt to read and write in a class, it was the man on the street who taught him the language.

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