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A musical tour of Africa: part two

Sean Connolly shares some of his favourite tracks from across the continent.

The best beaches in Sierra Leone

Each beach has a character and style of its own, from the colour of its sand to the quality of its waves.

Dual citizenship in 30 minutes

Almost anyone can wander downtown and get themselves a bona fide identity document, no questions asked, writes Sean Connolly.
Sean Connolly first got a taste of independent travel in 2004 and has been finding ways to live, study, work, or simply backpack internationally ever since. He first travelled to Africa as a student in 2008 and has been returning to the continent regularly to research, teach English or simply soak up the ambiance in Africa’s countless little-visited corners ever since. He’s been poring over maps since before he could read them and working with Bradt Guides since 2011, for whom he has updated or contributed to guides to Somaliland, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana, Uruguay, Sierra Leone, Gabon and two editions of Rwanda, along with authoring the new 1st and 2nd editions of the Bradt Guide to Senegal. Raised in Chicago and educated in New York, Sean stays on the move whenever possible, though lately you’ll most often find him in Berlin. Sean is also on Instagram. View his profile here.

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Senegal’s natural wonders

Senegal is awash with delights for the nature lover, ranging from vast mangrove-clad deltas to bird-rich national parks. 

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Senegal’s best urban experiences

From lively fishing ports and historic islands to a capital city packed with dance-til-dawn bars, Senegal offers a wealth of fantastic urban experiences. 

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Senegal’s cultural highlights

There’s perhaps no finer destination in West Africa for purveyors of the arts than Senegal.

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On the road in Ghana

Sean Connolly, author of our Senegal guidebook, has just returned from a research trip to Ghana (for the new 7th edition out later this year) and he took over our Instagram feed to show off some of his photos. 

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Interview with Sean Connolly

Read an interview with Sean Connolly author of our brand new Senegal guidebook.

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The great green wall

A wall of trees along the Sahara Desert’s southern fringe 

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Casamancais architecture

A building like no other in Africa. 

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Traditional arts: statues and masks

Author Sean Connolly explores the unique features and religious background of Gabon’s famous mask and statue art.

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Forest-based communities

Gabon’s indigenous forest-based communities, the so-called ‘Pygmies’, are located throughout the country and continue to face discrimination, as author Sean Connolly explains. 

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Author Sean Connolly describes the traditional beliefs and practices of Bwiti, the most widespread male secret society in Gabon.

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