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Philip Briggs is one of the world’s most experienced and prolific guidebook writers. Associated with Bradt since 1991 when he wrote the first guide to South Africa published internationally after the release of Nelson Mandela, he spent the rest of the 1990s producing pioneering Bradt travel guides to destinations that were then – and in some cases still are – otherwise practically uncharted by the travel publishing industry. These included the first dedicated guidebooks to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Ghana and Rwanda, all of which are still regularly updated for new editions. More recently, while still focusing on Africa by writing new guidebooks to Somaliland and The Gambia, he has written or updated Bradt guides to several destinations further afield, among them Suriname, Sri Lanka, Macedonia and Greece: The Peloponnese. He spends at least four months on the road every year, usually accompanied by his wife, the travel photographer Ariadne Van Zandbergen, and spends his rest of the time battering away at a keyboard in the sleepy South African coastal village of Wilderness.

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In search of king whale-head

The story of the shoebill, one of Africa’s most elusive birds.

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For the hagglers: Ghana’s best markets

With some of the largest marketplaces in West Africa, organised chaos is something of a speciality in Ghana.

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Traditional festivals in Ghana

Planning a trip to Ghana? Make sure your visit coincides with one of the country’s vibrant festivals. 

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Author Philip Briggs describes the unusual shrines that are a distinctive feature of Ghana’s central coast region. 

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Northern Ethiopia: the highlights

Northern Ethiopia has long formed the mainstay of the country’s tourist industry, and for good reason. 

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The hyena men of Harar

The hyena men are one of the most popular attractions in Harar. 

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Gorilla tourism in Rwanda

Put crudely, while tourism is probably integral to the survival of the mountain gorilla, the survival of the mountain gorilla is certainly integral to the growth of Rwanda’s tourist industry. 

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The Virungas

Author Philip Briggs describes the spectacular chain of volcanic cones that border Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

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Five reasons to visit Rwanda

Peerless wildlife experiences, exceptional scenery and off-the-beaten-track safari – five reasons why now is the time to visit Rwanda.

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Banana republic

The banana is an integral feature of Rwandan life.

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