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The secrets of spomeniks: a window into Yugoslavia

These fantastical memorials serve as a poignant reminder of the lives lost during the National Liberation Struggle.
Larissa Olenicoff is an established travel blogger and consultant for destination marketing and tourism development, with a Master of Arts in European Studies from Lund University in Sweden. Originally from California, she has lived in the UK, Ukraine, Sweden and more recently, Kosovo. She has been travelling and working with international agencies, NGOs, tourism boards, and the private sector on various tourism projects around the Western Balkans since 2011. Recently, she launched her own travel company, LOBAH (Land of Blood and Honey), that focuses solely on experiential tours through the region. Her travel blog, The Blonde Gypsy, is a colourful whirlwind of iPhone photography, travel tips, and unexpected adventures through undiscovered and underrated places. It’s become her mission to explore and uncover the best the Balkans has to offer and encourage travellers to visit this incredible and often misunderstood region of Europe.

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